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  1. A Very Smol Spinel

    This is a video where Ed lives in a world of invisible people. He even says “Surrounded but still alone”

  2. Tyvonne Conrad

    Blood over the crypt they hold us within, die by my feet and kiss the black we will reign in, siat, sieth, siath, sad. 🖤🖤🖤🖤➕🏴♟

  3. Xeno ツ

    It’s like the teen titans and the justice league, they don’t fit in with the people of Earth at all, even tho part of the team are from Earth, they are very different to society, they keep the planet safe, but when you learn the origin of that character, you soon realise that the hero they are, is the person they are.

  4. Margie Acevedo

    I hope that all the materialistic people listen to this song and realize that all these things don't matter and that your reputation isn't the only thing that people see. There is also the 40% of people that actually like you for your personality and your genuine being and that all these things heal sadness temporarily but can't truly heal. Fake friends like you for your things, looks, and reputation, and true friends like you for your heart❤️

  5. Luzzu Tactikal

    Ed Sheeran Is great!

  6. Dean Hayton

    A brilliant homage to George Michael’s ‘Star People’ I believe……. George & Ed are without doubt the greatest singer/songwriter’s of my generation!

  7. Fouad Djebbar

    This Sony it's is really beautiful

  8. Chooky1971

    sub to me

  9. Gianni Carreyn

    Who gonna listening this song next month

  10. Nadine AL-Rifai


  11. aQuestionableQuestion

    I love Khalid's voice, it compliments Eds really nicely

  12. kyleeann johnson

    i like it kinda:

  13. Gacha Robin

    i always thought that lets leave the party was lets leave the body XD

  14. Mr.Shitball Doritos

    2:00 😱

  15. Blue City


  16. Aedan Browning

    If you ask me it just means he is scared of cosmetic surgery. Btw, who is watching this in 2020

  17. Musicality OnDisplay

    Singer: that’s not who we are, we are not beautiful!
    Ppl arguing with him: We are!we are! We are!
    Singer : we are not beautiful





  20. HeyimDani

    I love this song, because it was on when I was driving on my first date with my (now) boyfriend and I looked at him and realized, this man is mine (:

  21. Axel Nathan Mariñas


  22. BTS is my Euphoria

    why am i addicted to this song?

  23. Thorn_Playz

    Why is his fear being beautiful people?

  24. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

    I wonder if i am the only one from 2020…

  25. Katie Thompson

    Such a good song and messege love you 🥰🥰😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍☺️outstanding final ya song not about drugs breaking up or killing finally it is acualy really really a good song love it ed😍😍👏

  26. Mindi Grooms

    Love this song

    Love everybody and you are beautiful no matter what love your self

  27. UvU -Lolli_lover- UvU

    "There's no time to discriminate
    Hate every mother*ucker that's in your way"
    -Beatifull People
    Marilyn Manson

  28. Nicholas Perkins

    cheese burger

  29. Kylacookiegacha


  30. Katie Thompson

    Ed you are such a good person and keep it up 👍

  31. Mission Charity

    Who is watching in 2099

  32. 007LoLiPoP Moi Sin


  33. Katie Nguyen

    This is favorite song when I first listened to it in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Michael Pereyra

    I'm at the wrong channel, sorry guys

  35. Unicorn Lover

    My favorite song

  36. Teresa. L Scott

    Someone I love that love s me

  37. Jacob Palitsky

    Ed Sheeran and Keenu reeves are both so down to earth

  38. Gianni Carreyn

    Who listening this song in january 2020

  39. kbrigsby61

    WHERE iz the verzion w/o tha crap frm tha black-guy….??? I'm sick-&-tired of alll the BULL-shite 'diversity' collabz, which are FORCED upon us!!!

  40. R B

    When you have an experience in life,
    Then the lyrics hit you…

    Needed this song thank you Ed 😂!!

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