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  1. Catalina Estevez

    Bien Elizaveta!! Buena decisión el dejar el nuevo FP y volver al anterior FP.
    Si no clasifica al GPF, que prepare muy bien este FP y el SP para los Nacionales Rusos y forme parte del equipo ruso, para Europeos y Mundiales.

  2. Morgan Alayna

    Someone needs to fix that hair..

  3. Kim Williams

    ISU should be ashamed for giving this woman a low PCS than what she rightfully deserved.

  4. Brian Cao

    GOE given by the judges are shamefully low. ISU needs some milk. She is robbed of silver lets be honest, The amount of prerotation Satoko had was appalling. Her triple toe jumps are technically only doubles.

  5. A C

    I love it Lizza!!

  6. Julietta Cloth

    Elegant and really classy! Bravo Lisa.

  7. Krysa Úřednice

    wow !!!

  8. M. A. DAVIS

    I really do love her! She is a very classy and elegant skater with fierce technique… her skating style is so womanly and elegant… Love love love her!

  9. Tasha Alexashina

    Есть в ней искра, зажигающая публику, ничего не скажешь! Вот бы ей ещё кто-нибудь программу поставил уровня Сатоко, вот тогда был бы огонь!

  10. D Bulc

    Glad to see her back and doing well!!

  11. Дуй Намандуй

    Skating nice but it's still 20s century. Today skating went too far up to the levels

  12. Samuel Gedevanishvili

    Me encanto!!!!

  13. José Alejandro Segovia Perez

    Congratulation Elizabeta good job

  14. Afines Pormx

    !Muy bien, Tuktamysheva! Молодчина!

  15. Ingrid Alcazar

    Changes are benefiting her, the previous FP didn't suit her and it was a little awful because she lost points in spins & PCs easily. Now, she has too many work to do with stpsqc because it looks very basic and Liza used to be more intricate, also, she needs to be more careful with her lutz because her edges are correct but she shows herself insecure now.

  16. 3A4T 10

    Good for her! She's in great condition this season.
    The final step sequence is only a level 1. That's a lot of unnecessary points lost there.

  17. K H

    She changed FS music !!
    I like this one more than previous one

  18. lisa rage


  19. Sai Z

    Did she went back to her previous fs?

  20. daribayev zholtay

    Молодец! Супер! Прошлогодняя программа выигрышная!

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