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  1. Eleni Loo

    Wendy has a terrible habit of never picking up the damn book for her guests, I get they show the promo for it on the screen but still that’s a bit rude to me…

  2. Chris Maxson

    I loved their interview! Mutual respect and love

  3. Mr.big91

    I LOVEE THESE TWO TOGETHER! need more of them

  4. Art C

    Very good interview 🥴

  5. jcholland

    Every time i see this battle of compliments it just feels so fake🤔. That is not common in Europe 👅

  6. Shaw Mou

    Here! Again!

  7. Kartoffel Pommes

    Seems like such a solid guy. Congrats on the book, Elvis!

  8. oopsisuckeditagain

    his facelift looks pretty darn good!

  9. Carmello0981

    Hello Lady!

  10. Knez Fikol

    Wow, he's married to young guy. #SHOCKED

  11. Mason Star

    Wendy title your book: Wendy Williams I don’t know who I have become but I like her . Lol

  12. Mason Star

    Love him!! Thanks for bringing him on the show love you Wendy

  13. Ms_ shenice

    Is it me or was it some weird energy in this interview 🤔 they seem to try and one up each other ?

  14. K N

    I love their relationship. So supportive and fun!

  15. African Girl

    I like him. he's funny especially on the breakfast club. lol n with them on his show

  16. victory victory

    How u doin…

  17. Leo

    Bug eyes

  18. RachLyna

    I’ve always wanted to see what he looked like. He’s handsome!

  19. NJHater

    Elvis looks good with the facelift. 👍

  20. Barb

    Nice guy!

  21. NIkkita P

    Elvis & the morning show really is awesome… such a variety of things, too, they cover. People must think I'm crazy when they see me laughin' & drivin in the am.

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