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  1. laura J

    What a nice time I just had taking my little 6 pound dog for a walk and listening to your video ❤️ thank you so much so enjoyable to listen to and so helpful. I’m definitely going to get a private reading. take good care you’re great!!!!🤠

  2. Mindurbiz

    You’re the best!

  3. Veronica Foreman

    Awesome reading.Resonates.😘💕

  4. E J Starr

    Thank you love for another chat & reading. I love your emotional side I can relate so much to you!! beautiful mummy of Rodger and Louis. Blessings again from London.

  5. Giuditta Baig

    Maybe the stone
    It's peridot

  6. Giuditta Baig

    I love you
    Andrea Cox 🧡

  7. Kenneth Hasuik

    I've been getting back into running,walking and hiking since the spring of last year. It feels great and it's really improved my health. Have been dropping some weight too,feel more healthy and at peace now. Life is good. Thank you!

  8. goldeneaglevideo

    The gold amulet/pendant !!!∞ WoW!!!

  9. goldeneaglevideo

    Thank you very much !! Doreen was one of the greatest as everyone will admit but the frequency shift of her focus was away from the cards but still very excellent tools as they were then they are now ∞ be well Blessings

  10. James Cato Jr

    Scorpio Mail from us Vegas Nevada 52 years old

  11. Bea Sanchez

    Love the reading. Scorpio here… Thank you… I will reach out soon for a personal reading. Felt something when you mentioned the humming bird's presence 💝

  12. gene Barnet

    Yes true my son gave me hurt now is Florida i am peace

  13. gene Barnet

    Can i ask about my son Kevin 5/25/89 will change the court will end soon.

  14. gene Barnet


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