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  1. Troy Chan

    They were Vietnamese not Chinese.

  2. G Ha

    It is confirm Irish truck drivers are complicit in the smuggling of Vietnamese migrants disguised as Chinese migrants.
    China is no longer a nation of debt bondage and slavery as economic progress alleviate poverty .

  3. 李宁AMY

    The media owes an apology to China and Vietnam. Politics are so evil😡!

  4. 何成

    CNN= china negative news
    BCC=bad comments to China
    Most fake news from this couple

  5. Alex Xiao

    confirmed? oh… what? not chinese? must be joking, i have even finished my editorial!

  6. b.cage

    Ok so how did they die?

  7. Ganos Lal

    I want to know who called the police in the first place and why they did so.

  8. Jamie C

    rest in peace! it is a tragedy! but the fake and biased report is also extremely nasty and stinky.

  9. x x

    SB 就是大SB。

  10. ben1spain

    Another fool of a reporter reporting without knowing the facts.

  11. Elhadji Fall


  12. Teh Mu Jin

    This Channel 4 is fake news center. Everybody know the dead are Vietnamese.

  13. Shannon’s Random

    This world is absolutely horrid!

  14. Ar.In.G

    Wait so in europe traffickers are called Snakeheads and in America they're call Coyotes

  15. john boulton

    The parents should be arrested didn't tell police they where in there

  16. Vince Z

    Before Ive never believed fake news exists
    now it's raping my eyes

  17. KFC Time

    Shame on you, western media, same as BBC and CNN. All of you are arrogant and ignorant. What a fake new group.

  18. Shayne Ward

    Yep that freedom of news creates shitty channels Like BBC and this one ,good brains idiots

  19. John Smith

    Again western media is so biased towards China. Is this called freedom of speech.

  20. jing geng

    BBC and Skynews has banned comments on their news about it realeased 3 days ago which says the dead are all chinese. When it is about chinas badness, western media have far more "freedom". Whata loser . haha

  21. 夏征

    fucking racists

  22. 王磊

    Fake news, obviously Vietnamese, are Asians all Chinese

  23. Zhi Li

    In English, now I know what's meaning of" confirm".
    In geography, now I know Vietnam is apart of China.
    thanks western media.

  24. Bob Leung

    sound like they confirm and so sure, but they not… what a joke, which news station? ABC or CCC? oh is CNN, I got it. Thats normal, they report whatever they like. Am I label them? oh yeah… just like CNN

  25. Cimex Chen

    BBC had to turned off the comments for this deadly mistake.

  26. aklbruce

    they are saying those 39 people from the vitenam province of China?

  27. 漢仔

    Channel 4 News, already take note. no credibility channels.

  28. cc l

    if asia people doing something wrong it`s chinese,if asia people do something right it japanese or korea. stupid media

  29. Xiaohu Zhu

    If western media’s think all Asians are Chinese then when Chinese take over other Asian countries you should shut the f up cause all Asians are Chinese anyway

  30. Zidane Crespi

    Why this western media always negatively toward China even they too stupid check the fact before they reporting. Cant no longest trust western media, fake news and hoax. Why keep repeat what happened 10 years ago another black propaganda about China.

  31. Yang Felix

    They are not from China, the West medias are irresponsible and owe an apologies to those who have passed away !!!

  32. yuansheng sun

    the freedom to west media is to speak feak news,just like what trump said. fake news.

  33. Lenoir m.d.

    BBC CNN SKYNEWS itvnews close comments…free of speech…😂

  34. Papa Bu

    very sad, the other news channel reported a Vietnamese girl texted her father before she died, said she was sorry that she could never arrive UK. if its my daughter, I really don’t know what to do with it, but just want to kill the human traffickers by myself.

  35. Wilson Will

    Not China. still not confirmed. Vietnamese possible.

  36. Jiajun Xiao

    All the reporters and journalists have lost their interest and disappeared when it gets clear that the victims are Vietnamese, so irony

  37. roy ry

    fake news, fake title, misled by western media

  38. 稻花香里说丰年

    Insult China is more important than 39 lives , once they were confirmed as Vietnamese , those " biased brain cellers(BBC)" immediately lost their interest .

  39. Angelina Liu

    Chinese – people with Asian face

  40. GY L

    Incompetent British media

  41. Kai Yan

    Now they're Vietnamese…..

  42. HooverDude 60

    The family members at home are just as guilty, because why would they suspect relatives being in the lorry, they must have known where they were going and helped to pay for it. How can i have sympathy for that.

  43. flyin' K

    I bet Channel 4 News don't know the difference between BRITISH AND FRENCH

  44. phuong nguyen

    If it’s Asian people, please said as Asian only, why keep on saying they are Chinese! They all died, left them some respects.

  45. jun xu

    It is really shame that UK immigrant advisor is not actually knowing about what China now is. They might only get information from BBC or other media. But all western media are only interest to dig vice things in China, they don’t like admit that China is developed now. Things happening now could not be comment depending things happened years ago, the world is changing every day.

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