Eternal principle – the golden rule

I found this list of citations online, written by the self-help author*, who pointed out that the "golden rule" is true common sense, and its basic concepts span religious and cultural boundaries because:

Buddhism: 560 BC, from Udanavarga 5:18 – "People who hurt themselves will not hurt others."

Judaism: 1300 BC, Hebrew Bible, Leviticus 19:18 – "You must love your neighbor as you do."

Hinduism: 3200 BC, from Hitopades – "One person should always treat others because they want to be treated."

Zoroastrianism: 600 BC, from Shast-na-shayast 13:29 – "No matter what is unpleasant for yourself, don't do it to others."

Confucianism: In 557 BC, from the Analects 15:23 – "You don't want to do anything to yourself, don't do it to others."

Christianity: 30 years, translation from the New World, Matt. 7:12- "So you want everything that men do to you, and you must do it to them."

Personally, I prefer the Christian and Jewish versions of the rule because they promote a more active, proactive application. But the concept is the same. The foundation is that each of us knows how we want to treat: what helps us, what hurts us; what makes us happy, what makes us sad; what encourages and what prevents. We know this, however, when it comes to dealing with others, our natural tendencies tend to fall on selfish, shocking, painful, and frustrating side.

To come up with a practical example of this idea, consider going to work in the morning. We all hate to be more nervous when some bastards cut us off the highway or otherwise make our commutes inconvenient for us or even because our driving style puts our lives in danger. But on the same commute, how many of us have pulled someone down, trailing, speeding up with a yellow light, or some other way to get someone else to work more stressful? Sometimes it is intentional, in which case we defend ourselves, "he deserves, he will slow down!" or even ridiculous things. Sometimes it is unintentional, just because we are not careful.

But no matter why it happens, the application of the Golden Rule will make it not happen. No one is perfect, and frankly, even if you and I begin to apply this eternal principle to our personal life immediately, we still deal with billions of other people who have not yet touched it. Once we are jealous of someone, applying the Golden Rule is a much tougher process. [We will discuss this in a later post.]

Now, imagine, if everyone applies this principle, what would it be like just one day…or a week… What an incredible holiday this will be! How much can you do? How happy are you? How many friends do you have? How quiet and calm will it be?

incredible. Try it.


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