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  1. Charles Amaral

    Bought an Air Conditioner in 2016 for 1 hundred Dollars went to the same store to by another in 2018 the price was 170 Dollars. This is some of the blow back from Trumps Trade War.

  2. Tom Meyers

    Slappy the Bong weasel from Kenya sent all our jobs to China… Trump is just trying to get them back.

  3. Tom Meyers

    Even Trump’s Advisors Think He should nuke China.

  4. Charles Amaral

    Get it right, Trump is getting Richer off the backs of the American Public the people who are really paying for Trumps Trade War.

  5. Brenda L M Negron

    Trump is losing everything even his mind. He's going crazy.

  6. David Hill

    But looking into the future China's projected economic might and power is a greater threat than a conventional wars, as it is in perpetuity and where even modern world wars only last no more than 6 years historically.CHINA is the Greatest “THREAT” to the Future Wellbeing and Standards of Living of “All” Western Nations and their respective People in the Long-term through their Global Economic Domination "MINDSET", not Military Power and where Economic Global Wars are in Perpetuity that will “Deliver” for the Chinese the most Extreme, Devastating and Subservient “Future” for ‘The West’ and ‘its People’ – Decision Time to “Act” Now Before it is Too Late to Defend ‘OUR’ Western Civilization and Way of Life, as Deterrents take “Decades to Put in Place” – https://worldinnovationfoundation.blogspot.com/2019/05/china-greatest-threat-to-future-mankind.html

  7. 红火树

    USA got tenants and resources, has great potentials, with a wise leader, its productivity has no parallel in the world as had been shown in the WWII era at the time, for example, a 10,000 ton cargo ship Liberty was built in 14 days compare to China it could not built any 10,000 ton class cargo ship till late 1960s by itself and first one built in 1965 called DongFeng ship, was celebrated as the great victory for China but the ship soon sunk not long after use. USA put men on the moon in 50 yrs ago the achievement that no any other country can repeat even today, focus on how to improve not on blocking others may be the way for USA to continue the great achievements it had.

  8. Hannah Montana

    Hey, I don’t think trump is dumb, I think he is super clever, why, because no one noticed his tricks yet, first, cut the tax, every body’s happy, wins lots of billionaires, because he needs their support, and now, how to fix the hole, of course, add tax, but how to add tax without being blamed, voila : tariff. Brilliant idea and no one even noticed that, successfully made it about blaming others. -1 and later +1, it’s magic, and people think a good job. The only difference is before-1+1, rich richer, poor poorer, after -1+1 rich richest, poor poorest.

  9. 西門吹雪

    he like pussy very much

  10. William C

    He is allowing his EGO to influence decision-making..

  11. Round Robin

    The only ones in this world who are claiming Trump is winning the trade war…….are Trump and his "yes man" goons.
    There's no doubt he's lying his butt off to cover this major screw-up! And his bail-out of the farmers is pure socialism!!

  12. rayray cheung

    The main reason of 1930s great depression was trade war, nowadays, each country are much more mutual dependent than before,, it means the world trade volume will decrease sharply, a huge number of co will collapse including us co

  13. david hefner

    Dig it

  14. Dos Wheels Яouges

    Handouts for farmers? Agricultural Socialism!!!

  15. Y Not

    🎩👌🍿😉👌Well.. isn't that what you'd expect, whenever you allows an overgrown child as chief operating bankruptcy champions #lmfao as Dennis the menace Dennison enterprise reaches Top #Swamped Tariffs chief #Buffoon officer status lol ✍👺💥huh!😳🤒🤢🤮
    🤣🍻😒#Todays damned #Republicons & same ole lame duck representations.🤔🤷‍♂️


  16. GC GC

    Trump, just hold on for another term!

  17. Saigon68 Foxtrot

    Hell, the village idiot can see Trump has lost the trade war with China. Poor USA, so close to Trump, so far from God.
    That is what a nation get, when a Christian Conservative fascist-racist group get to run the government. Just ask the Germans, which by the way, have distant themselves from the Trump administration.

  18. Isabel Tome

    No body can loose a war that doesn't exist.American corporations made what China is today.
    This is just a reality show to make us swallow in a better way the new world order.

  19. Frankie Lee

    Trump collected so much n Tariffs, make USA great again, will cause Democrats to lose for the next election. So we have to stop him of any further success in the Collection of Monies for USA treasuries,(500 billion)or for the country, and that we should increase more debts for the country,and China should have more Trillions,and we Like Uncle Sam, should lose more…right?

  20. Jeffery Allen Seville

    Thank God Obama built up the economy so trump can tear it apart.
    If it was Bushes economy we would be a 3rd world country.

  21. Moose

    For Trump, everyone loosing is Winning for him.

  22. lu andy

    Let us try to make the US bankrupt six times.🤣

  23. Don Graham

    This is the Art of the Deal? More like school yard bully economics. Does he actually think he can win against China? He's complete MORON! 🤣

  24. Udo Blo

    Future would be presidents should undergo a psychological test to make sure they don't suffer from any psychopathic tendency

  25. Dave Lumsden

    Make America great again, could he have bullish-t the voters any more?

  26. Yes No

    I bet those who vote trump kicking their own ass daily.

  27. Yes No

    Like I say before trumpet make a wish American get his wish.

  28. Francis Lim

    In Australia they quickly replaces incompetent Prime Minister,no need to wait for the next General Election.Richard Wolff would make an excellent President,he has all the substances and visionary solutions for those disasters.

  29. Kiat San

    .. trade war is easy to win…blah blah… Blah….

  30. lamdawave

    I think some Insider is playing the stock market

  31. sun dial


  32. Anthony Vaughn

    China doesn't give a fuck about America or coward ass bitch boy Garfield trump. Stupid is what Stupid does you uneducated #45 dumb ass

  33. jacobrocks7

    Trump is such as Dumbass! Vote him out!

  34. magellanmax

    Yup, Trump has delayed some of the tariffs because he knew it would wreck the xmas shopping season and hence, the economy itself. That moron didn't have a plan on this trade war because he thought China would fold easily.

  35. Leeanne Bishop

    Don’t count on it cause those farmers are going to stop growing crops and then what

  36. ethel newberry

    This 0ld Joker has never known any boundaries in his entire life time of every day life and living, because he's never known "every day life an living" The only thing he has known has been money in his vast check book to make him seem more important to others. But, now the tide has/is turning and those who are willing and able to recognize his skewed and twisted way of thinking will vote him out of the Oval Office. The other citizen's who are his blind supporters will continue to allow him to lead them over the cliff, as well as their children. They are as ignorant as Trump is, and only worship what this Moron say's, and believe this lying SOB. A real man would not carry on like this, let alone the President of the greatest Nation of all times. The Republicans in office right now are too afraid of losing their "cush" jobs because of the $$$ we pay them as taxpayers…Where else can they sit their old fat ass in a nice chair when they decide to show up for work and still rake in thousands of dollars a year…don't forget this…they are also being bought by "Corporate Greed" when big business needs "a helping hand" to further fu*k the American tax payer for product's people need. I can remember every President since President Roosevelt in 1941 when I was only seven…AND…there has never been ANY President like this oafish lummox in today's world of American Presidents/leaders to this date, bar none. And, just like he said, "I'm going to be a different kind of president that ever occupied the White House." He sure the Hell has fulfilled his prediction.

  37. bruce bell

    Better late than never right? Wrong better to not ever triple down on a stupid trade war when you have a truce in place working on a deal. Trump is going to tank the economy. because the stupid ass cant figure out that trade wars hurt the country and you cant win when you have a world wide trade war with everyone.

  38. Nghia Dang


  39. Nghia Dang

    45just need attention! And and and and…… not to lost 2020! ! ! ! !

  40. rui silva

    Tax stupidity!… and stamp el trumpo's forhead!

  41. Mlchael Wray

    "When? Will trump,ever learn".

  42. David Gibson

    Faron Cousins you're just like Bill Maher who would like to see economic recession in order to continue the incessant negative narrative. I along with many (as you'll see in the 2020 election) would be just fine if all of you "journalists" disappeared.

  43. Patrick Gallimore

    Trump is not only in a losing trade war with China…He's, also, in a losing war, with intelligence, sanity, honesty, humanity, wisdom, diplomacy, morality, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, politeness and decency.

    Scaramucci's advice should be heeded, by the GOP, instead of the majority of them treating Trump like a G…O…D…In fact, Trump is a GOD DAMN IDIOT!!!

  44. Robert van Riezen

    When you willingly elect a known bandit and support the criminals of the Republican party go suffer and you have seen nothing yet. When you break treaties and screw your friends don't be surprised reprisals will come. Normally history shows behaviour like this will end in war. But when you spit in the face of the next two most powerful countries, chances are you won't achieve much.
    America, your looser citizens are cutting your throat and the civilized world will show you what poverty is.
    And your billionaires will not come to your rescue since they have no loyalty.
    Go join your mates the Brexit bunch and see what happens when you spit in the face of your friends.

  45. Clare Layode

    Dumber Dumber President. Get him out, get him out, get him out👎

  46. JackyThamGK

    actually should kick the US out of any global system, tired of them playing fire around the world

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