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  1. Maya Shelton

    I’m excited to watch this and laugh when I know everything

  2. Isabel Brack

    I thought this was actually gonna be informational, but then came out of it laughing my ass off 🤣

  3. roco berry

    Yall should do Super Junior's new 'I think I' MV cos it would break your "sexily staring at the camera" cliche counter

  4. Person 123

    Whoever came up with this needs a raise! 👏😂

  5. Gabriel

    We love our Pepsi cola ghost queen

  6. Gabriel

    I love her to death

  7. Cross

    "I F***ed My way up to the top
    this my show"
    -Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence

  8. Deadly Nightshade


  9. Umar Khan


  10. James Quinn

    Guess what? Union soldiers were not the "avenging angels" the misconstrued modern idea of history young people have today. They were all racist– the north and the south. Ever seen Captain America? Good movie, but inaccurate in that theres no diversity plus howling commandos. U.S. army stayed SEGREGATED until AFTER WW2! That was over 100 years after the civil war that was supposed to free the slaves. The meeting with Nick Fury at the end of the movie would have gone like this– "you talkin to me, neeegro?"

  11. James Quinn

    She's been promoting the shit out of her new album. Making a lot more appearances. Doing collab with less talented Disney/Nickelodeon stars turned sexual sychophants. SMILING MORE 😥
    I don't know if I like the new Lana as much now. When she smiles after so much iconic beautifying resting bitch face, it's kind of creepy like when the Christina Ricci Wednesday Addams smiled that one time as a trick.
    Born a ghost? Come on man, thats the best you got…

  12. sam

    stan lana

  13. Jackson

    Are you going to do South of the Border?

  14. Kate Roy

    Well that explains Lana's Daddy fixation.

  15. Nigit

    Why do I feel more convinced than I should?

  16. Austen Terry

    Okay so apparently YouTube likes to think that once I watch one of these I need to watch an actual music video for the artist it happened last week with John Mayer and again this week like no I don’t want to watch a music video I would however like to rewatch some music video sins but that’s not what’s auto playing

  17. Jacob Finlay

    That would explain why she got trapped in the dry ice machine last time I saw her on stage

  18. Death To Usernames

    This is good, but the "Music From Behind" series has shown it has a much more clever, irreverent sense of humor. That fact coupled with all the unintentionally hilarious material that Lizzie Grant Del Taco Jingleheimer Schmidt has provided through out her career, I know you can do much better. Can a request a redo?

  19. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

    Well, who would've thunk

  20. Just a Regular Human

    Actually she's the incarnation of an eldrich abomination here to charm us with her apathetic voice and drown us in sorrow and pain to feed on us



  22. Yalil Bitch

    what in the WORLD is this video.

  23. xebikr

    I wasn't sure if this was real until "the family ecto containment chamber". Then I knew it was.

    Hi 'B' team!

  24. Tyler Bellefleur


  25. Fuzzy Stripetail

    Judging from his crossed arms, crab claw beard, and generally annoyed look, Obediah Grant musket have been as mean in life as he was in the afterlife.

  26. 123wings123

    can you do one for jopping by superM

  27. Aren Shlush

    I quinstend Lana when i heard her first song but just you wait till..

  28. Aries

    I fucking love lana

  29. Max Ramirez

    How is this funny?

  30. Elisa Castro

    Billie: "Can I copy your homework?"
    Lana: "Sure, but don't make it obvious."

  31. AdamG1983

    Dafuq did I just watch?

  32. ThePinkPanda205

    These are getting weirder and weirder

  33. Chris Shi

    Lana slays and everybody knows it’s a fact kiss kiss

  34. marsil602

    absorb your dad, become a super saiyan. got it

  35. Brent WithaT

    Drenched in ectoplasm inside and out 😂😂 2:12

  36. carlymusic

    Well this took a turn but I'm intrigued

  37. fireandcopper

    Funny thing is her music is kinda good when you're halfway drunk and consuming j

  38. ineffable leela

    these are better than the music video sins

  39. Zipster

    okay.. but it's like you're giving us everything but Avengers: Endgame 😭😭

  40. BawbTehBildhar

    What even the hell is this?!
    That’s was prolly one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen in a good while.

  41. MzgydedAngel

    "Drenched in ectoplasm inside and outside" is an image that I won't be able to get out of my mind for a while. Thanks MV Sins 😒

  42. cndrblkgrdn

    where is cinemasins: endgame!!!!

  43. Oyinkansola Arogundade

    I’m dressing up as Ghost Lana for Halloween

  44. Anastasia Ricci

    Wtf is this video 🤣🤣

  45. Jacob Rengen

    Singers are like a whiny toddler and we’re the back of your daddy’s hand

  46. tonypolk8


  47. Milica Veljkovic


  48. Joshhua Ray

    I knew Lana Del Rey from behind the #music.

  49. Blaine Charlie

    1 dislike already. Someone's butthurt!

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