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  1. Ted Chyn

    The grand wizard is tired of winning by blinking to make America great again.

  2. Movin On

    EDIT: I posted this in a reply below, but reposting for greater visibility:

    China dropped their currency over 10%, the Chinese Communist Party just paid for all the tariffs, as well as gave importers around the world a 10% discount on EVERYTHING coming out of China.

    Since foreign imports have never been allowed into China** anyway, there will be minimal impact on US exporters.

    ** China only allows imports of things they desperately need and cannot supply themselves. That is why they like to play up they had no tariffs on goods: because nothing was allowed in!


    Dang, the Chinese Communist Party's 50 cent/ Wumao army is working overtime this week!

    If it weren't for these CCP plants no one would be viewing or commenting on Michael Bloomberg's propaganda network!

    Wumao / 50 Cent Army explained:

  3. 漢仔

    You ppl shouldn't celebtate Thankgiving Day. The native Indians give your ancestors food , yey what happened to them Genocide and the land stolen. SHAME ON YOU! , hYENAS!

  4. Theta Kongpancake

    China is a Communist Country! Check Lables Before Purchase BOYCOTT CHINA. Do Not Support Communism OR The American Businesses/Men Doing business with RED CHINA

  5. iTelephone 8

    Trump blinked with blinkers.

  6. hikurukutai

    He didn't blink he shet him self Lol

  7. Alfonso Zarate

    CHINA and U.S.A are going to War very soon.

  8. Chris Yee

    Didn't trump say that all the time that China is paying for the tarrif? Then why would he delay the tarrif. He is just full of shit, lmaol!

  9. Asthra Nick

    Scared of loosing 2020

  10. Qian Deng

    Wait aren't the tariff costs paid by China according to Trump? You mean he lied to his ignorant base that bought it hook line and sinker? Tell me it ain't so!
    Wonder what else they've been lying.

    I shudder at the rhetoric to come in the coming election season. Fake news galore…yea…instead of mind bleach afterwards I'll just skip it all right from the start…

  11. Henry

    It's the last Christmas before election, of course he blinked to avoid consumers' wrath as they have to eat the price increase, as opposed to Trump's lie China is paying for the tariffs.

  12. Haha MissMiss

    It's like watching a juiced body builder get slapped around by a kung fu master.

  13. Ken M3ng

    ttump 2020.

  14. 漢仔

    China will not talk to US about the trade deal or any other deals because US has supported the riots in Hongkong and sells arms to Taiwan. Have some backbone. Trade with others.

  15. snakecharmer2011


  16. dundunsar

    Trump is secretly helping China become stronger.

  17. Jharmaine Jharmaine

    Hey, if China breaks the special agreement (One Country Two System up to year 2048) do the British have right to take back Hong Kong?

  18. Walter 3579

    Trump folded like a chinese made blanket.

  19. Son of the Dragon

    Since the DJI moves a few hundred points either way whenever Trump increases trade tension or dials it down, all of it without any coherent strategy, I wouldn't be surprised if he's actively collaborating with traders in his inner circle to make money.

  20. PK Wong

    Of course Trump blinked.teump lost. He cannot be trusted on anything. He is viewed as a joke around the workd.

  21. IAYU

    Trump said trade war is easy to win and they will bring China to their knees just like they did to Japan in 1980s …However after 18 months into it Trump have blinks a few times and now he is pouring on cold sweat if there is no deal by December..

  22. Yong Zhou

    China should tax export to the United snake, a symbolic 5%would suffice.

  23. tvb nut

    Come mon man stop flip floping. Either do it or don’t. No wonder no deal with USA. People really can’t trust USA man.

  24. David Leija

    Lol you think trump and the administration doesn’t have a plan. Nothing is written in stone. Trump has given the companies enough time to find another suppliers. If companies go down the United States shouldn’t bail them out. Because to me they have betrayed the United States. Because of them were in this mess. Not to mention the the theft of the chinese people and government.

  25. Walden's World

    China's pigs have swine flu and will be killed by the millions ! Sure glad we didn't grow a bunch to not have buyers as their livestock is being terminated ! Millions of pigs ! We dodged a bullet !
    PS it might be for not having fair trade with America n buy tainted product from country with no health standards !

  26. TheDataAnimal

    FX analyst should stick to his routine, not speak like a strategist. He lacks the background.

  27. Chenchen Zhang

    I literally laughed when i saw this post. Trump is cute.

  28. Donald Kasper

    Trump blinked? What a jackass dream. Half US retailer sales is Christmas, and they have to get goods over here now, so he is giving them a delay.

  29. CTO Information

    oh no, American blinked???? go to LA fitness for some more dumbells. LOL

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