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  1. xingxing85

    All countries should boycott communist China! Pull out your manufacturing from China to south east Asia! And make them feel the pain. Let them go back to their communist way of life 🙂 if they don’t want to play by the rules!

  2. Mac Tek

    China is an enemy.

  3. C Chan

    Today Hong Kong youth sacrifices for Freedom Democracy and Human rights of future Happiness

  4. Denzo D

    It's time for America and the rest of the Western world to reduce, if not stop, trading with a repressive and totalitarian communist regime of China
    which has not been playing fair on trade, has a terrible record on human rights and environment protection, steals intellectual properties, cyber-hacks
    servers of government agencies and businesses of other countries, spies on governments, belligerently bullies its smaller neighbors in South East
    Asia, and illegally claims sovereignty over 90% of the South China Sea building artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago and militarizing the same
    with impunity, and now threatening to do a “Tiananmen Square 2.0” in Hong Kong. They can always source their consumer products from friendly
    ASEAN countries, South Korea, and Japan.

  5. wisdom Samateh

    China will b ok without us. The whole world will go with China

  6. Art Highland

    tariff are good for trade talk, trade war is easy to win

  7. Don ta

    Don’t worry china has already prepared for the worst .. still growth by feeding as loan shark on those corrupted countries by its debt traps Belt Road Initiative

  8. Mohamed A. Hussein

    Davin Chor Tuck School of Business and Zack Cooper AEI are telling us what most of us already know ((known generally) or can guess which is closer to the truth…. So stop denying their expertise.

  9. Cowboy Bebop

    Fake News.They never talk about Americunt.

  10. hertzblasterx

    Communists China govt doesn't allow a free press. Hence they can easily lie to it's people and to the world.

  11. JT T

    US already collapsed… Americans homeless on the rise….

  12. Beyond Eyes

    Move out of China…. Make in your countries which provide jobs and contribute to the country….why making other country rich…

  13. fireball39279

    Every country is a loser in a trade war but only Chump says otherwise. Chump wants all US companies out of China. Go ahead, America. Your country will never find a huge market like China and you can't survive without the Chinese market. According to American economists, 55%-58% of the market is from China. No countries don't even come close to the Chinese market. Let say if all the American companies want to leave China. It will take up to 8-12 years to do so. Not only that. China has lots of experience in business dealings with the US and no countries have it. Training new workers are the main problem. The American companies have to spend an additional 80-95 million dollars for the training program and the costs of relocations. Training will take up to 3–4 years IF everything is going to plan. Otherwise, we(America) will be fucked big time. During the transition period, How can we deal with assisting customers?? So, we stuck with it. We just can't afford to lose the hugh market like China. End of story! Some companies did move out of China years ago. Not because of the political situation, it was because China has higher labor costs. What happened in the end?? They all came back to China. Why?? Simple, the Chines are extremely hard-working people. Once they start working. They all work like ants!! Other countries workers wouldn't come close to the hard-working Chinese workers. Other workers can only produce 55-60% of the products and it takes a much longer time to finish the goods! But China always on top of the games and we all know it. Chump says American companies should move out of China. That's easier said than done!

  14. E

    this expert has no idea 😂

  15. Pub Comrad

    Companies, move out of China… Run for your life!

  16. d'joy S

    China trade with any country is not a transperant, ule based or fair. Its global problem. Soon other countries will follow US way to restrict china dumping, stealing kind of trade.

  17. Anonymous

    Screw those farmers! They wanted a trade war, they got it. I hope they starve.

  18. Cou nou


  19. Cou nou


  20. Philip Yap

    Export to US is less than 4% of China GDP, the tariffs impact is negligible, China has taken mitigating measures since the trade war started in 2018, that is why total Chinese exports was still growing at 3.3% July 2019 statatistics showed. Chinese are hardly bother by the trade war, they know the worse scenario and are prepared for it.

  21. Dan Kuo

    Notice the emphasis in this channel is always how Trump is hurting the economy, therefore vote him out in the next election. No discussion is solicited on how the tariffs will in the long run rebalance trade in favor of the US to stop rampant IP theft, equal treatment of american companies abroad as we grant access to our markets, state sponsored subsidies to overtake foreign markets. These are all illegal under international trading rules and the chinese are given a free pass currently.

  22. 漢仔

    These western snakes always want to find out whether China feel the pain in trade war. Let’s put it in a crude way, they want to see when China will collapse in the trade war. Let me tell u a good news and bad news. China’s manufacturing is slowing because no ctry would not be affected with Trump imposing trade war on China. The sun would rise from the West If China’s manufacturing can still boom despite fighting a trade war. So these correspondent were absolutely idiotic when their boss asked them to ask such questions.If China economy slows down to a large margin, does that mean US economic growth will improve? Do your homework

  23. JAY JAY

    the escalating trade war is already touching many of the raw materials the housing industry depends on; the current 25 percent tariff on imported building material that went in effect in May has been called a “$2.5 billion tax on housing” by the National Association of Home Builders. “Additional tariffs on a country like China, where we get many of our construction products, are an additional tax on homes,” Robert Dietz, chief economist at NAHB, told Housingwire. “This comes at a critical time because we currently are at a 10-year low for housing affordability.” More U.S. businesses and farmers say they are suffering amid the prolonged U.S.-China trade war, as they brace for the fallout from a new round of tariffs set to take effect Sunday. Tariffs affect both coutries.

  24. Music Calgary

    "Expert"? LOL!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Boyd Gilbreath

    Old trumpy closing in on thirteen thousand lies. China is doing great, and simply because small children are smarter than trumpy, they will win big in the fake trade war. That trumpy says day after day that China is paying the tariffs, that is and has been and will be a total and complete lie. Can you for one second imagine China paying trump to sell their stuff here? HAHAHAHA! More than rebellion, we need grief counseling. Every government has already broken down and kleptocracy rules. Fortunately few people are paying attention, so violence is not everywhere yet. But soon we will all fight for our lives.


    Why is the spread of the Hong Kong civil war Xi's #1 concern?

  27. dodgerfreak0834

    Oohhh no why are millions of Chinese workers going to loose their jobs? We're was the outcry when millions of Americans lost their jobs to these same people? The US can import from elsewhere we don't need communist China, jobs will not come back but atleast we stop communist China and not the Chinese people from benefitting from a free trade we offered and the great wealth we offered to a communist country. Basically indirectly financing Communism.

  28. Michael L.

    Yeah it’s a tax on the US consumer, is that Chinese banks are failing?

  29. AriVovp

    What else can you expect. Without American consumers , china us hit hard

  30. Audio

    The supply chain will pay the tariffs. There's not going to be any "blowback" in Washington sonny. The American people are fully behind President Trump and the tariifs despite your globalist bullshit.

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