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  1. May May

    also, too it is fucking important to eat breakfast, unless you want to fucking vomit and black out in the day be my guess and usually people who don't eat breakfast get very stress out and aggressive

  2. lol dei wtf

    Breakfast be skipping me

  3. Seraphim

    Eating a Cheeseburger while listening to the video.

  4. Darrny H.

    For me gaining muscle mass is pretty quick

  5. Ashley Lyle

    Hahah!! My guy does the same thing, he skips breakfast, only drinks a shit ton of coffee and then eats EVERYTHING in sight for lunch or dinner.

  6. Darrny H.

    Why do people eat salads? And why do people do carb diets? I just eat whatever falls in front of me and just workout all the stuff i need too

  7. Manilove223

    Eating 500 Cal above my daily maintenance for 71 days, hell yeah that's hard! I'm skinny as fuck and I hate it, I wish I could gain 10 pounds, I've been in the 90s for 9 years! It's hard to try eating a lot, especially bigger portions than what you're used to. I could be full for hours yet I would need to eat again. I'm freaking underweight, this his hard

  8. Nala!

    If you’re planning on dying in your 80s because you can’t give up the truckloads of garbage most Americans eat every year thinking it’s “food,” then be prepared to spend your 60s, 70s, and 80s dealing with stents, strokes, heart attacks, double bypasses, high blood pressure, diabetes, and never know which chest stabbing pain will land you in the hospital for the last time. Want to stick around long enough to draw social security?
    Read “The China Study” or “The Whole Foods Diet” or lastly “How Not to Die”

  9. Boneless Pizza

    'eating healthily'.

  10. Austin Morgan

    your diet should depend on your goals.

  11. Artsy Sabs

    I've been doing low carb but just treated myself to pizza tonight. Havent had pizza in like a month 😭

  12. Quackadoo

    Ha ha ha, classic comedy.

  13. alucard Bloodream

    Mac n cheese will always hands down, beat taco bell

  14. I'm In A Vegetative State Help me

    Honestly, ANY diet can make you lose weight. Its about portions (different foods have different amounts of nutrients, so when limited portions certain foods would be cut down). There was one a professor who proved that any diet could make you lose weight. He ate only McDonald's and lost weight.

  15. Dell12 16

    The carnivorous diet doesn’t actually make you feel terrible as long as you keep the high protein low fat guide

  16. I'm In A Vegetative State Help me

    I went vegan 2 years ago. And i originally was going for health, but then i just went for the animals. Because just like everyone else, I care so much more about my tastebuds than my health that I'm willing to die. I also am pretty skinny, despite that I don't exercise and that I could eat a whole pizza or a whole pint of icecream or a whole oack of oreos. Gaining weight can be hard. I have often felt too lazy to cook (i mostly microwave), and didn't want to eat vegetables (unless they were actually cooked and flavorful and maybe on a pizza or in a Chinese dish). But i have been eating rice and beans, and have enjoyed seasoning and baking vegetables in the oven. I also have been drinking storebought smoothies with fruits and veggies in them (mostly fruit though). But most of all, i have been taking a multivitamin because trying to make sure i get enough of every nutrient with just food sounds too stressful.

    Oh and going out to eat with others definitely is a challenge. Chinese restaurants struggle to suit my needs, and i always have to look online to see if the place we go to has options or ask the waiter about what's in the food or ask them to remove a bunch of stuff from the dish. But most of all, when I'm around people who don't know I'm vegan, i don't like telling them out of risk of being judged (because trust me you would definitely be questioned and probably judged). Often times, its easier to lie and say i have allergies. I often feel bad about lying, but in a world where many wouldn't take my needs seriously, how could I NOT lie?

  17. Darryl Ferguson

    Wow, i have never been this early. Uhh, glad to see you guys are doing good.

  18. Kevon Kaylor

    We need "super" chocolate….

  19. El Hombre Malo

    David Goggins at 9:43

  20. RobertThe Whale

    What do you guys like to cook? im curious.

  21. Meme Guns

    Skitten looking cute that's what she is doing

  22. Makke Manninen

    We out here bulking like a mad son of a bitch.

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