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  1. Dino Kross

    Global warming is at it again.

  2. Danny Kwan

    You mean that the homeland of Genghis Khan now belongs to China? Nice.

  3. It's ailing Lmao

    The air doesn't look polluted?

  4. 啦啦


  5. Uganda Knuckles

    What about their underwears? Is it frozen too?

  6. Luke Work

    I don't know why but Genghis Khan came into my mind when this video starts.. Am I descended from Genghis Khan?

  7. gtone339

    The real Frozen! 😉

  8. twelvemast

    love the BGM, passacaglia?

  9. Arif Nawab

    Free Hongkong

  10. muhamad iqbal

    with the most the great humanity a lot of culture then any place in the world.

  11. margaret gill

    Beautiful mother nature

  12. Kyle Bai

    Outdoor market never sell fresh produce. Because all the goods are freshly frozen lol

  13. Brenda Gordon

    Don't leave your pets out there in freezing tempts, bring them in doors.

  14. Old School


  15. lotto

    Meanwhile, Australia is on 🔥

  16. jiawei wang

    Some places in southern China still wear these short sleeves and blow cold

  17. k

    Gorden Ramsey: it’s frozen!!!!!

  18. buddy man

    Safe electric no need buy refrigerator

  19. Shahbaz Latif

    When you live in SE Asia and Temperature is normally 30C and you make video call to your friend in Canada; imagine their feelings. Snow looks cool in photos.

  20. Bibesh Mahat

    They can play freeze game to literally anyone

  21. Acid Spartan

    Is it possible to have fires in such temperatures?

  22. K T

    Do not own any type of electric vehicle in this area bc your car battery capacity will greatly reduced. You may even want to plug your regular car with electric heater (specialized equipment for car) to prevent freezing which ppl in Alaska do it all the time.

  23. Reyes Regime

    Global warming isn’t real despite all the evidence it’s merely coincidence.

  24. Jasper L. Ferini

    Failing temperatures made Jakarta into a pool on New Years 🙁

  25. Jasper L. Ferini

    Failing temperatures made Jakarta into a pool on New Years 🙁

  26. Jasper L. Ferini

    Failing temperatures made Jakarta into a pool on New Years 🙁

  27. Mano Senthil Maran

    Now we can all be Elsa.

  28. Miyuki hoshigawa

    seems cool to see natural freezer

  29. 石头

    I haven't seen snow

  30. illuminaughty Irie

    Wish the falling temperature will come reach untill the southern part of China… I miss the snow

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