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  1. Nomad Kickbox

    Chinese buy real estate to launder dirty money from gambling, prostitution and drugs!

  2. patrick F.

    you like to buy cheap chinese goods now their buying cheap american goods "land"


    2019 and who's here laughing at over leveraged Chinese investors selling at 40% below current market valuation?

  4. Romi Dogra

    Many of these are simply communists looting their nation and investing the loot overseas & shifting abroad: this is socialism’s true face.

  5. Heather Sutton

    The Homeless need to find houses that are not occupied. And if they stay longer then a couple of years they can clame the property as abandoned. Always check the laws . But they are in China not living in the US .

  6. Ema

    Chinese do business destroy their own environment and then they come to the west to destroy the country communities, cause people flee far from the city with their dirty money, raise price real estate up and up.

  7. peter phoenix

    If you are stupid enough to sell the very ground you stand on, then you deserve the consequences of
    that as far as i'm concerned. The Chinese are good at what they do so don't even bother trying to compete.
    I just hope you are happy lining your pockets in the short term to sell out your children's future

  8. peng sun

    It’s very sad that the vast majority of comments fail to do Chinese any justice.

    1.The Chinese folks featured in this film are not representative. It should be clear to anyone watching this film that they are the super-rich, the top 0.01% present of the Chinese population. Also, there are more than 2 million ethnic Chinese living in the U.S alone. You just can’t judge an entire ethnic group by what a few folks are doing. Simply put, they are conspicuous, but they are not the norm.

    2, Not all rich Chinese get rich by playing dirty or having connection to the communist party. This is a stereotype. Just think about it, as a society, China has its good doctors, lawyers, professors, artist and entrepreneurs too. Many get rich simply by being good at what they do. They obtain success not because of, but in spite of the corruption and the communist government.

    3, It’s true that due to the strict currency control issued by the government, Chinese home buyers have to resort to other, not necessarily legal means of transfering their money oversea. It’s in the gray area, but it doesn’t mean that their money it’s automatically bad money, or they are automatically bad people. It’s just another hurdle Chinese need to jump over in their escape from the totalitarian regime. As a Chinese, you have zero control over your hard-earned money in regard to moving it oversea. The official limit is 50,000 dollars per year, which is ridiculously low for an imigrating family. So people have to get creative, as they always do dealing with the government. They find some folks of dubious background who can help them but charge 3% or more in fee. They hate it (who wouldn't?) but have no better choice. Let's say if you are Chinese who want to get out. You need to move your life saving of 1 million dollars from China mainland over to the U.S., $30,000 is gone right away to those folks' pocket. Under normal circumstances, it would only have cost $25 (international wire transfer fee). It rings truer for the Chinese that freedom is not free.

    4, Chinese are human beings too, so treat them as such! If you are free-spirited human being born into a totalitarian country, and you are lucky enough to have the means to escape, wouldn’t you do the same? Wouldn’t you do the same for the sake of your children?

    5. Buying a home aboard and starting a life anew is anything but the glamorous picture this film has painted. It’s not rose and Champagne; it’s tear and blood. It’s hard. Actually, it’s the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It takes courage, planning and hard work. You sacrifice so much because you have a dream. If it’s not your fate to fully realize that dream, let’s hope your children will. As a first-generation Chinese immigrant living in the U.S., I will say that I love this country, I love to learn about the culture and the language, and I want to give back in response to the kindness and generosity I have received. We want to be good citizens. We want to make this place batter than we found it.

    We are no less deserving than anybody else. Stop stereotyping and dehumanizing Chinese. It's cruel and it hurts unspeakably! No one deserves to be the receiving end of it.

  9. Wally Wally

    What's funny China government does allow FOREIGN investors to own land in China, its belongs to the state , in the near future governments around the globe will undermine that stupidity to drive out CHINESE land owners and China can't do nothing to prevent it.

  10. Internet Marketing Maps

    When all these Chinese investments eventually stop, as it will, economies around the world will collapse in a spectacular and devastating way, but, in the meantime, it's a pig's banquette. 👀

  11. Saucy Wench

    I look at this and all I can see is the road to humanity's destruction.

  12. Saucy Wench

    That's a unique way to cull your population.

  13. Scott David Lucas

    TIME LINE 3:00……. " For the love of money is the root of all evil ". Ref: 1 TIMOTHY 6:10a. Amein. Flee, flee from this Carnal Desire. Seek after righteousness; godliness, faith, love, patience and meekness. REPENT of your Sin,, and call upon JESUS CHRIST the Lord, for the salvation of your Soul……and live. Ref: PSALM 34:18; ISAIAH 1:18-20; JOHN 3:3-7; ACTS 2:38. Amein.

  14. Angelina Marie

    i love how everyone on earth says , "theres an old insert country saying, dont put all your eggs in one basket " lol

  15. william beaumont

    Chinese already own Canada and America by owning most mortgage backed securities and government bonds.

  16. william beaumont

    Chinese always very dishonest and corrupt. Corruption and dishonesty is considered good business practice. They believe in being Lucky, do not believe in God.

  17. william beaumont

    It’s okay. For three thousand years they have suffered a rickshaw coolie culture. Suddenly they have the chance to experience Western decadence and materialism.

  18. william beaumont

    Chinese have no use for the poor. Very cruel.

  19. zia siddiqui

    All countries need to ban foreign buyers from buying residential real estates to make sure that local people have opportunity to buy properties. Because of these Chinese average people are unable to buy houses in San Francisco, LA, New York and as this documentary says in big cities of other countries as well. We made them rich and now they are here to drive our people out of their homes and cities.

  20. first Impression

    This is money laundry. That money comes from corruption or other underground sources. That is why they have to move the money away from China. If they have to leave the country they can do it over night. Otherwise they would go to jail.

  21. Diana Stokes-Harmon

    America will always be the best investment.

  22. Gigglelot

    China runs the world! They are buying all the land in many countries, they are investing and building infrastructure in a bunch of countries, they make the world's products and technology… they run the world!

  23. Orange Tang

    Most of these Chinese in this videos are rich kids or wife of some rich guy. They dont represent Chinese people. It's like interviewing all the Wallstreet 1% as average Americans.

  24. James Tan

    Money is what every country want. They get it from their property.

  25. James Tan

    Money blinded many countries.

  26. James Tan

    Chinese are everywhere investing.

  27. Sultan

    Feng shui consultant 😂

  28. Pertti Heinikko

    just a few months ago i bought a 26 m2 apartment for 190 000 euros in a nice but not great neighbourhood in helsinki. i heard there was a chinese bidder too, but i (my parents, hehe) had deeper pockets. nothing against the chinese though, great people

  29. yoongs

    these people are suffering now under Xi, their new president, for showing off.

  30. DigiMoney Promo

    Boycott Chinese

  31. morekidsharderwork freedom


  32. BananaHopper

    Asian Invasion

  33. Irfan Novianto

    Isn't the requirement to stay in a country must still be able to speak english, why can't english can live in America? … stupid government

  34. Green Earth

    Great Al Jazeera, US buy a house – investment, China buy a house – invasion.

  35. N Ryan

    Stop buying our land and houses and driving up our cities prices. Oh and you can stop laundering all our baby milk. Sincerely, Australia

  36. Azeb Zemariam

    They left out the fact that in China, you can not own property. But the West is trying to convince its population, that everything is all good in China. And that Communism works, look their Rich. Pathetic puff piece!!! Yet more people than ever cant afford housing. Sick

  37. Don ta

    China making money by harassing democracy and humanity… the West making money by selling democracy and human values..

  38. Don ta

    China set debt traps on the others with Belt Road Initiative.. many governments around the world including Australia set up debt traps on people by low interest rates and housing price always going up .. 😆

  39. Margaret Temple

    Not to mention that quite a number of the larger real estate purchases are attempts to launder money out of the mainland of China and not pay their share of the nation's taxes…it is ridiculous to encourage this sort of behavior…China doesn't allow their citizens to take such large sums of money out of China so we are just encouraging law breaking…

  40. keith tiong

    Australia is missing Chinese stamp duties from home purchase which contributes to lower economic growth

  41. sam ly

    Let them have the city
    We going back to cave and brush

  42. sqpilot63074

    Not anymore. Chinese moving away from due to crazy racist dictatorship president in US.

  43. 曹丽婉

    this video was made in 2015, and four years past, as I know these people who buy the house in american are starting to regret it. lol ironic

  44. Jayjay Catz

    I don't understand, if China is so great then why are these people leaving? Why aren't they building up the infrastructure in China and creating that lifestyle over there? They have to leave for a better life, what does that tell us about China?

  45. Alex yu arayan

    They are spy for communist government

  46. Robi U.K.

    All the new development in London are owned by Chinese

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