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  1. Ian Hicks

    I just made it and it was amazing! thank you so much for posting this recipe and video, so well done and easy to follow!

  2. Joel Caplan

    If I spend a whole day making a LOT of noodles, can I freeze them for later use?

  3. solar clapson

    $500.00 noodles.

  4. Sushma

    my favourite food during stay in china….but i find dan dan mian missing in the receipe…i miss this food.

  5. 9 hundred


  6. Rohit Singh

    Hi! Can I make it with cornstarch/cornflower powder?

  7. Alaya Ward-Farland

    I like noodles

  8. Mishin ino

    This looks so delicious. Thank you for such clear instructions (and as a researcher I loved your flour gluten starch algorithm!). I'm going to try the garlic water on many things.

  9. Starxcn

    You could’ve just get starch and gluten instead of wash them out yourself…

  10. julia

    Wow ! It's my favourite Chinese food ! Literally !! I lived in China for a long time and I could eat them every day 😛! But they were only available in summer and warm times ,in winter they eat hot noodles only . They are so difficult to make though ! I wish I had patience for it to make them in Ukraine ..你真的很棒!

  11. sykusch

    Thank you for the video, you are a great teacher!! I have a question regarding the garlic water: would it work if I just use a mini blender or food processor the raw garlic with salt and water instead of grating them? Thank you!

  12. Xin Xin

    I used rice flour and messed it up lol

  13. Woodlums08

    Your work is amazing! Thank you for your videos (until I can afford to support you on Patreon). I’m surprised Food Network hasn’t tried to sign you! Would you do a television show if you could?

  14. Veronica Diaz Cano

    I love eating this dish and your hair is beautiful..

  15. Shannon Robinson

    I’ve made gluten before. I could cry for all the starch that went down the drain. I can’t wait to try this. I’m starting today with the dough to gluten stages, while making more chili oil as I’ve run out. Thank you for making this as easy as possible for us.

  16. Mason Yu

    The best of Chinese culture… very sweet lady

  17. Sangeeta Ray

    Can I just buy cold noodle skins??

  18. Tommy Tulpe

    At first I thought it was Biang Biang noodles but it is totally different. But interesting.

    Nice recipe!

  19. Lei NY

    I guess you are a PhD student. Showing us a liangpi protocol.

  20. Lili Gibson

    I will give it a try this week. Love it and can not tolerant the bad Liangpi from the local restaurant.

  21. Jane Hall

    Wow, what more can you say. Amazing.

  22. Doodah Gurl

    You provide the most culinarily interesting videos regarding how-tos and techniques. Some of the stuff you show in your videos, I've never seen before and am just so fascinated/riveted to what you are demonstrating. And all your recipes look delicious! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent to the world!

  23. Sam Kusuma

    👍it’s awesome Mandy
    Thanks for sharing

  24. SuperModerngranny

    Can I make a few batches of noodles and store them in the fridge? How long can I store them?

  25. Rueders Culinary Institute

    Really looks amazing!

  26. Joe Bowman

    My mind is blown. This is so amazing! I knew you could wash the starch to remove the gluten but had no idea you could turn that into noodles. 😀

  27. Kath Jacquier

    So patient, I am amazed at all the preparation that goes into these recipes. It is not just a meal it is a work of art. Thank you for sharing. Kath from down under.

  28. Ranjit Pokharel

    This is also famous in Nepal as the name of lhaping but we eat in a different way😋

  29. Samuel Taylor

    beautiful my dear 🙂

  30. Capo primo

    This is an insane recepie. You must be crazy if you think any of your American viewers will go threw all this BS ..

  31. ner ner

    Thanks for the detailed video, as I like. This is how you learn and teach. The process is too long. No wonder people prefer to buy 🙂

  32. YOLOsoEnjoyLife

    I can't believe how detailed you were in the step by step process. I can't say if I've ever seen a chef explain anything in depth the you have done so. Seemed like a lot of hard work to get the final product and you took patience and did that dough washing and even scraping that stuck starch at bottom of the bowl. I admire so much about you and your cooking.
    I've learnt so much from from just this 1 video of yours. Thank you so much for sharing. God's richest blessings to you for

  33. Shaun Thomas

    I love her attention to detail! 😍

  34. Thi Thach Nguyen

    Omg to much work just for your tummy ! 😂😂😂
    I give up ! M

  35. uekiguy

    Fascinating! Question: Does anybody know if this can be done with whole grain flour? Thank you.

  36. Philip Diep

    I’m gonna cry

  37. Anne Taylor

    Amazing. Your videos are so well done. Your knowledge in the chemistry of cooking is helping me so much.

  38. Julie Stump

    Is it also call ho fan noodle? Thank you

  39. Martha De La Torre

    Mmmm! Looks so good!!😋😋😋

  40. R GA

    Looks fantastic, but looks like a lot of work 😅

  41. Lynnuel Rose

    Heyyy Iloveyou! We always order this noodles on my office before but unfortunately the restaurant closed and I can no longer have it. I tried looking for recipe online but I just cant get it right I gave up trying, but after seeing this again I wanna cry I want to eat it so bad. Thank you for sharing this I will definitely try it! New subbie here.

  42. Kieu Pham Gray

    OMG this actually works! (Totally didn't think it would work.) Thanks for posting!

  43. Rahil Patel

    Thanks a lot. I'm missing this noodles since I left china. By the way fired peanut and raw cabbage tastes great in this as well. Thanks again.

  44. Ayman ___

    That's an awesome video that is truly underrated. Thank you so much for the detailed and scientific explanation. It was awesome!
    Liked the video and subscribed to the channel. Keep up the good work!

  45. Erik Gaona Hernández

    I going to do this amazing recipe, looks delicious!

  46. Jack Guard

    I have lived in Beijing for several years and now cook Asian dishes in a restaurant in the U.S….you are a Brilliant teacher and your recipes are spot on perfect and authentic….wish you could work with me😁

  47. Susan Frontino

    Last month I visited X'ian and tripped over the local night markets. The food was out of this world! Unfortunately we did not have a China Card (the only currency the store keepers traded in) and relied on friendly locals to pay for our food in return for cash. One of the foods we tried was Chinese Cold Skin Noodles. It was delicious. For this reason I was excited in seeing the recipe on your YouTube. I made the noodles exactly as you have described. Oh My Gosh! It tasted wonderful! The noodles were not difficult, but did take some dedication in making it. The steaming was simple, if not time consuming….. but i make crepes all the time and they are time consuming too. Mandy, your instructions are perfect and simple to follow. I have also made your meat filled flatbread, which also tasted wonderful. Thank you so much. I most likely will never visit China again, but I will be always be able to eat the noodles and flatbreads. 🙂

  48. Lalay Ingente

    Wow!,…thank you for sharing.. fr d Philippines..

  49. Eric Newton

    This was very interesting thank you.

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