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  1. doczg88

    China is the biggest rival and most dangerous country ever for the US and the West. So no, this is not the wrong fight, this is exactly the right fight to be fighting. Trump is right. Free trade isn't some sacred cow. Former Free trader.

  2. Michael Young

    Sanctions are not good for Business, but it is good for the People. The general public has been fooled for the last 100 years to spend more and waste more so 1% of the Worlds Elites can make all the Money. People need to spend less and waste less. Take a look at what we are doing to Planet Earth stupid Mother Fuckers.

  3. Rick Chung

    World class HYPOCRITE usa,, world class PROPAGANDA hollywood USA,, world class biased,fake CNN USA,, damn most evil USA..

  4. Pal Kaposi

    beginning of a beautiful friendship…

  5. Nelly Coerts

    If I am paying the tariffs then it is the consumer who can decide to buy from a company which uphold moral values in the sense that products are not made under an oppressive government or under any inhumane circumstances. Even if that means I have to pay more. Trade should not all be about making money but about fair trade which protect the common worker in many countries all over the world.
    I rather buy from the U.S.A, Europe, instead of China.

  6. T B

    wow, this guy has no idea, and he is a Chinese Globalist. hahaha funny stuff.

  7. luci75 D

    It’s a fantasy to believe china will kneel down ! It’s a big utopian idea. The Americans they should awake from their “American Dream “

  8. Vicky Ouko

    It's ironic that the U.S. which is only 250 years old, thinks that it has moral authority to lecture China, a civilization more than 5000 years old, on trade and governance! How arrogant!

  9. VibeX MaTxeMa

    salute to China. these USA hippocracy need a lesson on FACE

  10. riccia888

    The better? Wait until your company get banned from talking about xi

  11. Chua SC

    USA cannot stand accession of China as global power. Hence, they are trying very hard to destabilize China through trade war, attacking Huawei and support criminals activities of masked radicals in Hong Kong. Nations of the world can see that USA is supporting terrorism in Hong Kong through HKHRDA. USA should be imposed economic sanctions as they've done to other countries

  12. Francis Oliva

    Trump rim the corrupt Communist Party 🤣

  13. Party Tomorrow

    thank you

  14. S500 Triumph


  15. S500 Triumph

    China could take Taiwan without firing a shot

  16. are studios

    Travel one hour out of Shenzhen and you'll see a very different side of China. Nothing but ghost towns, deserted streets, and beyond that poverty stricken villages and farmlands. Most of those in power in China were farmers not too long ago. They over estimate their wisdom and contradict their philosophy. The west may be going through a midlife crisis, but it has accumulated experience. One thing history has taught us, oppression never works, and it is the individual that constitutes the state, not the other way around. Without the individual, you will not no how to traverse through the dark.
    1.3 billion people, if even one begins to question the state's authority, it will be the cancer that destroys from within.

  17. john brown

    This guy is speaking some fantasy chinese power shit. Beijing’s diplomacy is really a kind of theatrical show, more symbolism than substance

  18. Greg M

    World is seeing Chinese Communist Party as evil spreading.

  19. Sven Frontin-Rollet

    China is the worst

  20. Sven Frontin-Rollet

    China won't be allowed to keep locking up Muslims

  21. Sven Frontin-Rollet

    China is corrupt and unreasonable

  22. Sven Frontin-Rollet

    China bullies and buys out

  23. Sven Frontin-Rollet

    None of your neighbours like China in the SCS

  24. Sven Frontin-Rollet

    The CCP are nuts

  25. Sven Frontin-Rollet

    China is the number 1 threat to global peace

  26. Sven Frontin-Rollet

    USA loves the trade war..
    Cause all these companies are leaving China. Manufacturing is departing faster than China can calculate

  27. Bam Bam

    LOL .. Chinese are making fool to all people and everyone knows it…

  28. arrayant lee

    It’s the wright thing to do to leave China. It is wright for the U.S. to leave China market. It is wright that China has been lying, cheating, stealing from the U.S. It is wright…

  29. J C

    There are also a few Peter Navarro alikes within the Chinese trade think tank.

  30. Maria Garcia

    No country is asking ChiNazi to kneel down on any body…just do what is universally right!

  31. Wy123

    Without low price goods from China, trump supporters' lives will be much worse, it's not China's fault those poor America cannot find jobs, US government and elites has no interested care about their low income citizen, blaming China won't change this facts.

  32. benana

    English …

  33. Nosferatu

    Everybody bows down to the US. or else.

  34. Donald Kasper

    It is fantasy for the Chinese to agree to anything.

  35. have fun

    Don't even think of starting a war with China, either trade war or hot war. You can never win a war with a country of 1.4 billion people though you can inflict a lot pain to them. Keep that in mind .

  36. u wot

    Communist China has been waging a war against the US for 20 years. When the United States gives them some of this treatment back, then this trade war becomes an issue for China huh? Interesting.

  37. Joseph Zao

    I believe The American Territory of VIRGINIA is the only longitude and latitude that has no future in Space or Earth.
    So, Help Me God.

  38. MA63

    I’m waiting for the Federal Reserve to crack. 23 trillion in US Debt. Wont be too long. 😂

  39. Victor Chao

    Opening to the financial sector because they need capital / US currency – DOLLARS.

  40. Monsieur P.

    The tariff war is hurting the Chinese economy much more than they’ll let on or admit to. They’d also lose if sued in the WTO and they know it. He’s a communist Beijing hack towing the party line that China is invincible.

  41. jaker steel peter

    It helps to unite the Chinese people and reveal western hypocrisy

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