Feng Shui and Locking Stage

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What is the locking phase? Some feng shui schools call it the “star of imprisonment”. At Sang Master School, we call it the “lock-in” stage… this is a cycle that every family must experience at a certain time or other time. . Just like a certain time frame in a woman's life, when she has to go through menopause, the locked-up phase of the house will be the negative impact of the house and is more likely to affect the occupant's time frame. If the type of housing has been released for an accident, illness or controversy – then the lock-in phase will make the situation worse.

How long will "LOCK" last?

The longest lockout phase will last for 20 years. There are also annual locks that are repeated nine years a year. There is even a monthly lock-in phase, but most practitioners don't care about the negative effects of their own or customer's duration. But an example of a monthly lock may be a "bad month." Maybe there may be illness or income reduction in that month.

What are the implications of the lockout phase?

If a house is "people locked," it can make a challenging marriage worse, which can make it difficult to get pregnant or exacerbate any particular problem related to health or relationships. If the home is in a “locked money” state, the income of the occupant may drop slightly to significant or cause any type of career-related deterioration.

Sometimes a house can “lock” money and people at the same time or for years. For example, the house facing the West and built in the 1950s was locked in a 20-year currency lock from 1984 to 2003, and in 1997, the same house was also locked in the people of the year.

What is the remedy for the lockdown phase?

Whether the house is locked for money or for people, whether it is a 20-year lock or just a one-year lock, the same measures can be taken: the occupants must be able to hear and see the circulating water. Indoor and outdoor water waterfalls can be very effective in reducing the impact of the locking phase.

o You should not rule out the reason for buying a home in a one-year lock because it will be completed in 12 months or less!

o Just because of the duration of the lock, a house that is initially locked or locked in the middle of 20 years may not be the best choice.

o In theory, you can “unlock” the lock by placing a water fountain or aquarium anywhere you can see and hear; however, depending on the energy model of each area of ​​your house, some places will be more than others it is good.

o When did the house enter the 20-year lock? Each type of house is different.

Some people will enter a locked state for twenty years after construction, while other types of homes may not be locked for 20 years after 40 years of construction. The house has a cycle of 180 years, and at some point in 180 years, there will be 20 years of locks and 20 years of lock-in.

o A large number of waters, pools or aquarium houses or buildings may not undergo a lock-in phase at all.

o Houses on the beach, visual and underwater sounds as part of the life experience, may not experience the lock-in phase.

o The lock phase is specific to the house. The occupant does not cause a lockout phase.

o The fund lockout phase will easily explain why companies may prosper for many years and then experience the experience within a locked time frame.

o The company's staff lock-up phase can help employees get along and/or have high worker turnover rates, lack of loyalty or work-stricken troubles.

o The locking phase can be understood as an additional layer of basic feng shui in the house, complicating it without remediation.

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