Feng Shui – Balance of Yingyang

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Feng Shui. yin and yang. You may have heard that these two have not been put together – at least not completely and completely. How does it work? These yang concepts are combined with and integrated with the concept and practice of feng shui?

"Yin" can be said to be the "road of the earth" itself. Just like the cycle of the earth and nature, Ying shrinks and condenses, in an almost endless loop and twists. Yin represents the passive principles and principles found in nature itself, which are manifested and refined in darkness, cold and humidity. On the human level, it can be said that Yin symbolizes femininity and inertia. On the surface, Yin's dark qualities can be said to express a darker view and the views of Chinese women's own views in some way. This is not the case at all. It should be emphasized in the most emphasized way. Although the relevant features of Yin may seem undesirable, they are not directed at any individual or even groups and groups. Simply put, the yen is the most ideal and most needed. Yin is the essence of quiet, inner and retrospective. In the traditional Chinese culture, women usually stayed at home and lived in the space where they lived and lived.

On the other side of the fence or on the other side of the track, Yang can be considered a masculine face of the equation. On the human level, Yang is often expressed and expressed as masculine and the most positive side of emotions. Yang is often referred to as the way and method of heaven. Yang can be said to represent the land of life, while Yin can represent the land of the deceased and leave. Yang also contains an aspect of its counterpart, giving credibility and credibility to the phrase “things that must be reduced” and “things around” and the phrase “the sun rises and the sun sets.”

The focus of all this – is the balance and balance of our lives. If we lack balance, our lives will be fruitless. How many people have come to the end of their lives to realize that all these consumerism and the rise in goods and property they are reading mean very little. On the other hand, people may realize that with the anger and demanding bosses, all their work inputs will bring a way of life, leaving little time for their families and their real dreams. energy. In essence, they are busy building other people's dreams rather than their own dreams.

Feng Shui is the balance – whether it is home decoration, decoration and decoration, or the most important thing is our own life. The talji symbol illustrates and demonstrates the eternal interaction between the two forces of Ying and Yang. Eternal and constantly like flipping the two sides of a coin – Ying and Yang are really fighting in the constant struggle. However, Yin and Yang are intertwined. They can never be separated because the two sides of the coin cannot be separated or removed. One side of the coin is no better than the other side – they are just two different sides of the object and do compliment each other.

Yin and Yang are also personal challenges and struggles in our lives. Our lives must be as balanced as our own feng shui Ying and Yang forces. Feng Shui!

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