Feng Shui Tips – Birthday-based Feng Shui Elements

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The five elements are directly related to each living person. Knowing which element you belong to [calculated from your birthday] will help you take advantage of the energy these elements have.

Both forms of feng shui believe that the five elements are essential for the creation of good fortune and bad luck. Knowing how each of the five elements affects another will help you take advantage of the luck generated by production or disruptive cycles. Here are two feng shui rules for the element.

During the production cycle, FIRE produces EARTH, which produces METAL, produces water, and produces WOOD, which produces FIRE.

In a destructive cycle, WOOD destroyed EARTH, which destroyed the water. It drowned the FIRE, which melted the METAL and destroyed the WOOD.

Understanding these cycles will enable you to enhance the area in your home with elements that increase the energy of these areas. Knowing your personal elements is also very good, so you can prevent excessive use of elements at home if it does not benefit you personally. For example, if you are a fireman, then there is too much water in your home, such as a pond, a fountain, or black or dark blue.

If you are born to be a fireman, it would be much better to include wood in your home because wood would create fire. If there are many people living in the same home, it is important to consider the family's breadwinner as the most important member when diagnosing the family. For individual rooms, it is best to solve these problems based on the person occupying the specific room.

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