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  1. Giovanni Tedeschi

    Bellissima !! Meglio di quelle fatte qui !

  2. kammi zolle

    Shit paint!

  3. Legio XXI Rapax

    Enzo…torna tra noi e dai due calci nel culo a quell'idiota col ciuffo,poi dai alla luce un altra belva come la F-40 ti prego.

  4. Tony Maccini

    Im so driving this car in my wet dream

  5. Patrick Reh

    als ob jetzt geil wär…

  6. flagship seeyou

    I get it they are trying to make the car like like cracks in porcelin

  7. tanga40

    i met the man who bought this car at the amg driving academy in china. hes got 14 cars including 458, s65, gallardos, rolls, bentley, etc.. he said hes only driven this car once, and that was to the petrol station

  8. BareseMaledetto

    ma che cazzo….

  9. Stanley Lu

    Its Ugly.

  10. XXJosh599XX

    I never thought a 599 could be very ugly…. Until I saw this…

  11. SSS123

    those quattroportes are way better

  12. 待化的冰

    @VladSheiko it's a kind of procelain from China looking like broken but actually not.

  13. Saif Khan

    bye European cars…..know Chinese tern

  14. sheiko

    egg style???

  15. lordzenzo1

    questa merda cinese non è degna di essere chiamata ferrari

  16. Beijing Hot

    it's chinese music.

  17. powerstill


  18. Alessandro Chioccia

    non ce piu religione!!!!ora i cinesi fanno anke le ferrari…..anke se non sara mai come la ferrari italiana!!!!

  19. Clément Tainturier

    looks so bad………it looks dirty and fake.

  20. Carlo Campidelli

    Ferrari 599 china limited edition are 12 cars dedicated to the state of china. Decals are from Lu Hao. Dont worry.. it's for marketing and for to introduce creativity!

  21. scribklu

    Thats awesome.

  22. Luigi Maida

    La Ferrari non si tocca!!! Giù le mani!

  23. tzheng200

    what the fuck is this? who was that long haired fat guy?

  24. Shane Roland

    As old as Chinese civilization is, and that is all they can come up with. Red is just fine for this car. Sun Tzu would be ashamed.

  25. rubina sasoon


  26. kyuzo555

    Im liking it. I wish they just did something similar to the inside.

  27. FerrariDMC


  28. fjd

    mammamia… che scempio…

  29. Giacomo Ferri

    povero Enzo, menamale che è morto 🙁

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