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  1. Luisaaa_1 .

    1:39 im deaaaddd 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. loraine berlincourt

    Their Chia seeds

  3. Manar Al-mumin

    I like basil seeds with Apple juice or lemon

  4. Manar Al-mumin

    It’s not Middle East food it’s Indian food
    In my country named sambosa and it’s different shape and smaller size in Middle East country

  5. ツ゚Majed

    I'm middleeastern and your supposed to hold the Sam OS a and take a bite and seeds are mega oil seeds you can make that drink at home just get water in big container then put the basil in the water for 24 hours then take it out of the water and put it in your drinks

  6. Cherry

    Daddy to the rescue

  7. Shera K

    Those are chia seeds in the drink

  8. SilentRadio

    i think the seeds in the drink are chia seeds they are very good for you.

  9. Olivia Keen

    I love the aloe drinks too…
    The seeds are "Chia Seeds", I use them in my protein Smoothies & mix them into yogurt. They expand & become slightly jellied on the outside when wet. Loaded with fiber & a nice amount of protein. Keep the wonderful videos coming, love them!!!💗👍😉

  10. happy happy

    I'm here in the middle east. That name is sambusa. They eat using fingers only. No need to use fork . Nice video yumy👌

  11. anonymous 12345

    Indian foooood

  12. Micho Mitch

    Lmao I laughing all the video

  13. LaCurlySue562

    You're very clumsy today😆 too cute!

  14. SparkzMxzXZ

    everyone is hating on them but im just craving for samosas after this

  15. xoXo Sin

    That seeds are good for your health is called kamakasthuri (that’s a weird name but can’t help it either )

  16. xoXo Sin

    My fav people trying Indian food I feel so good because I am an indian

  17. f pham

    Pandan is a green plant used for as a natural food coloring and flavoring. It is not Panda

  18. Ida Jones

    came across this well put…"It's not to say Chinese (or Americans) are humorless or don't understand sarcasm, they just don't understand YOUR type of sarcasm without culture context."

  19. Kizzy Salahuddin

    bruh dis like a anime bruh ….

  20. Kerry Berry

    Ok so I have watched a couple of these videos; is she acting or what? This is funny and creepy at the same time.

  21. Kay V

    I love her and the fiancé… but why cant she eat food with her hands? That’s the best way to eat it. Some foods are just not meant to eat with utensils. He’s suppose to make her feel happy and comfortable , not make her feel like all she does is wrong.

  22. imPROvise HeadShot

    How about y'all just enjoy the video and leave your opinions to yourselves unless asked for by Yumi herself. She's happy, why can't you be?

  23. Mylinh

    She tries to act cute and all but it's really embarrassing tbh

  24. Saul Castillo

    People keep on saying that she acts like a kid but in reality its the combination of the accent with English-language

  25. C-Sylvia

    Omg so cute

  26. Dreamy subliminals

    I don’t think what they ate is Middle Eastern food .

  27. Khair un Nisa Nisa

    I feel hungry

  28. hui hui


  29. Bubbles

    My god! She deals with his comments well, I couldn't deal with somebody picking at the way I eat food, I'd rather not eat in front of them.

  30. suga stole my wig .

    i like her fiance and all but in dis video he is kinda rude…..

  31. suga stole my wig .

    please dont break a tooth plz dont break a tooth honey LMFAO

  32. pari Sharma

    Omg m indian..nd i love smosa..its a indian street food……but this smose look weird..🤔 nd we eat it with a special chatni which make it even more tasty…

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