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  1. Booly

    prettiest dress I ever saw!

  2. Sad Dayz

    I love the way she talks it makes me happy😇

  3. India Wild Films

    cute !

  4. Lynette Curran

    No 1 is interested in ur shoping get home + do some diy sewing

  5. Lynette Curran

    I swear I don't know how u stay so slim u act like food is going out of fashion u only get excited about food + ruffles on ur clothes ur easy pleased

  6. Lynette Curran

    That petticoat is horrible way that dress it looks like u have a lampshade up ur dress

  7. -Belue-

    "SWEETIE YOU'RE GOING TOO FAST!"…ME at any store! 😂…I'm excitable too!

    That music is catchy after like the 10 time it repeats…So now I'm like, "SET ME FREE FREE FREE! DOO DOO DOO DOOO!" 😋…BUT MAN WAS IT EVER LOUD! 😖

  8. SunShine Love

    Why is she running for?

  9. nash jeet

    The way Yummy was enthusiast about the strainer and she said " Aah" my husband would never let me down. I love them though. Yummy merits so much. She is so lovely.

  10. nash jeet

    I know what I want n I want it now. Call me Mrs Stubborn.

  11. nash jeet

    I love them both. But my husband loves me because I do what I want n zat nobody can say a word about it or I must say they dont get the time to say anything abt it. It is already done zats y

  12. hydelover75

    Your skirt bouncing when you walked was making me giggle

  13. milly love

    Does anyone know how old she Is?

  14. Colleen Bishop

    She seems very stressed out.. 😞

  15. Blanqui's Creations

    Why…did your fiance tell you to run?
    I just dont get it

  16. May lapitan

    Hehehe so cute couple

  17. Rose O

    Is the Durian actually good?

  18. Jena Lynne

    You see how that man looked at your wife😂 you know she fine

  19. Stephanie SC

    " I don't want MY house to stink". 🙄

  20. julie Kayliand

    OMG she so cute

  21. Kelley Jerred

    it's not YOUR house it's OUR house

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