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    He's savage those protesters got karma

  2. Elizabeth Chap

    Gangstas are famous until the Chinese came in.

  3. xMuFFiiNSs

    It wasn't shot into the crowd ! It was shot on the police station. Come on !

  4. Thai Vang


  5. Armistice

    No matter which side you stand at, can we all agree shooting fireworks while in a moving car is kinda badass

  6. W. Qin

    LOL, they were aiming at the police station, but wrongly fired at their teammates.

  7. Darren


  8. rusty gear

    Given them missile, they will fire at each other

  9. Phún Nhĩ Khang

    Chinese prefence to Harry Potter's battle

  10. Marcus Zhang

    Well shot, they should’ve used more powerful fireworks.

  11. Cosmo

    Quite interesting using firework to celebrate. It is a wonder no stampede, no casualty.

  12. 京O電鉄

    UK is the mastermind behind the violent protest. Still bitter about handing HK back to China, they have been trying to destabilize the region and create maximum headache for China to satisfy their master USA. BBC, the national fake news media, broadcast the protest every single day. They brand the mobs “pro-democracy activists” but when the same thing happened in their own crime ridden cesspool (London) they called it “riots” and mass arrests were made.

  13. eule 131

    I cant belive how evil some coments are. This is not a joke, Honk Kong people don't protest so long for fun! I feel like some people just can't understand, that they have no other choice but to protest.. and I respect the protester for standing up for their rights!🙏

  14. LoliMaster 69

    Drive by fireworking?

  15. dewepeh

    Prank level : Asian .

  16. Beelall Kullou

    Will that virus spread into china…?

  17. shakeeb tariq

    drive by with fireworks

  18. Wins Uppy

    terrorist protestors

  19. Nam Bao

    Chinese new year comes so early.

  20. Allen Lei

    Sorry for the residents there,the protest people now are just criminals.

  21. zi sun

    I would suggest round up these protester and send them out of Hongkong to the countries that is sponsoring the riots (USA,tiny Britain) and let them live like refugees and taste without identity in those sponsoring countries

  22. J Q

    Chinese from mainland doesnt care. HK doesnt pay a dollar tax to Chinese goverment like other provences, and the ccp is keep giving HK preferential policy, defending HK during the financial crisis. OK, it is HKers' HK. Lets see what could these protesters do to HK.

  23. IFFG - Fang Hong Chen David

    Grand Theft Auto Hong Kong

  24. gerald lee

    a millennial version of a drive-by fire working

  25. 계정


  26. Libra Galaxy

    Happy New year!

  27. doeggu

    Where is the HK government

  28. aktar zaman

    free king kong!

  29. Dhanny Wijaya

    Reminds me of gta san andreas mission, except, its fireworks

  30. inri agung


  31. Natural86


  32. Ludmila Luz

    Mainland China seriously this is the best you got? Send idiots in car fire fireworks hahaa lame

  33. Asthen Yukimori

    This become more like GTA 5 now.

  34. S Lee

    港人治港人. Need more of such thing. Lawlessness needs to be reciprocated with lawlessness, especially when the authority no longer can control the mob. 港人加油!

  35. Daniel Macours


  36. B007

    Serves them right for assaulting the police.

  37. Law Siew Kui


  38. Daniel Jeger

    harry potter step in. thanks carrie lam

  39. Htat AungLwin

    I know it’s a sick joke but

    🎶Baby….you're FIREWORK🎶


    Very kiddish

  41. Panda Bear

    I believe rioting is illegal in most if not all democracies. I think the peaceful protestors seriously need to distance themselves from the radical protestors. The HK government and police should be more assertive with the radical protestors, otherwise public safety and the HK economy will be threatened.

  42. Sagon K

    Welcome to Disney's HongKongland XDDD

  43. A. H.

    Hong Kong a trojan horse for china.

  44. KaShing lee

    Freedom and Democracy is slogan to promote Divide and Conquer strategy on a place or a nation. This strategy can lead to people fright with people, nation fright with nation, by creative an internal instability , the black hand behind the curtain will be smiling on others' stupidity.

  45. Johnston Steiner

    Did they go aah aah ahh, while they shot across the road road road?

  46. IncorrectPlin

    this is getting wayyy to out of hand. HEY, I'm all for peaceful protesting….but this is insane from both sides right now…….

  47. 林子倫

    How about just withdraw the bill that's "dead" anyways?

  48. Yi Liang

    Why no one is taking the injuries they are suffering seriously?

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