Fishing in Sri Lanka – an exciting experience

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Sri Lanka is an amazing and unparalleled island with a wide range of activities for discerning travellers. This one-of-a-kind paradise destination offers travelers a range of Pandora's discoveries to experience on vacation. From sourcing local cuisine to fishing out in the open sea, the list of activities in this country is simply unlimited. The island has countless natural wonders and is known to be a rich tropical paradise. From lush natural rainforests to pristine beaches that surround the island's coastline, visitors can effortlessly find places to visit.

This fascinating island is rich in sea water and is ideal for those looking for a fishing spot. For centuries, the indigenous people on the land have perfected various forms of bounty on the island's rich oceans, lakes and rivers. Sorghum fishing is one of the most unique fishing methods used by local fishermen across the island. Today, I saw a sorghum fisherman patiently waiting for the next capture, which has become a trademark for fishing in Sri Lanka.

Although there are great fishing spots throughout the country, several destinations are known for their rich waters. Negombo, Kalutara, Aluthgama, Hikkaduwa, Galle, Matara, Mirissa, Kalpitiya and Trincomalee are the most popular fishing spots where visitors can fish deep sea fishing trips or paddle on small sailboats. If you are lucky, be willing to help local fishermen.

The best time of year is to fish in the southern or western coast of the island from November to April, while the eastern coastal region joins most fishermen between May and September. Many lakes and reservoirs also offer great fishing possibilities and are worth a try.

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