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  1. Stephen Anderson

    More Ninja Sex Party

  2. Autumn Leaf


  3. Mike Mcauley

    What is daddy long legs?

  4. CrazyCrazyMan123 Balls

    Why no shout out to ninja sex party. I literally did not know who this guy was until I saw that music video. And the only reason I watched it was because of ninja sex party. I guess what I am saying is, why is there no shout out for ninja sex party?

  5. Ali Prince Mohammed

    This is a meme

  6. Moonsmith

    “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug!”

  7. AC

    Well, it's Friday night and I'm totally in the middle of my self-care Sunday!

  8. Tony Di Pietro

    I’d bottom for Flula.

  9. Man Whodrinksbeer

    This guy is such a hack, don’t get why Conan likes him so much, Conan is so smart, the other guy is the direct opposite, unfunny, unoriginal and just plain awful.

  10. Transform Gamer

    Ninja sex party!

  11. PhoenixPsilence

    We need to see some more shirtless videos of Flula.

  12. pattgsm

    Wait… Is he wearing the Raspberry Beret cloud suit!? Ok, Alright, Ok.

  13. Marmite yum

    I would like to see Flula and Jordan in an interview together

  14. Rachael Reed

    No mention of NSP even though the clip was basically all of Danny singing? Okay.

  15. Onizen

    Whole music video with Ninja sex party and not one mention even though he was on the show to preform before smh

  16. Toro PLZ

    I'm sad Ninja Sex Party didn't get a mention nor a recognition. First time I'm thumbing down a Conan video

  17. Gaby 2001

    flula will be missed in stupid genius :,)

  18. Naphtali Musnyama

    Flula is the best at being high strung silly hearts

  19. missnicky20

    He looks like Brian Austen Green

  20. Batman

    They probably should've shouted out the fact that Ninja Sex Party was in it.

  21. L L

    I think Flula is a very big Misunderstanding.
    Never understood why people think he is funny

  22. Awakened Spirit

    Seriously why he so jittery, looks like he has has 8 cups of Expresso

  23. Constantinos Mavroyannis

    Germans + Cocaine = 1940
    Germans + Acid = Flula Borg

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