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Chinese flute or bamboo flute is a wonderful sounding device. In order to maintain a good state and enjoy it for many years to come, there are 12 things you need to know to take care of and maintain the flute.

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 The flute is made of bamboo, so it is more fragile than the western flute.

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 When the flute is exposed to very cold weather and then the temperature is set warmer, the bamboo may swell and crack.

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 However, usually better Dizis are those that are easy to crack because the bamboo is older and drier. The longer Dizis are, the more likely they are to crack.

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 If the flute breaks, rub the crack line with super glue. Dry the dry glue with fine sandpaper.

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 If the crack is large and deep, use a combination of shavings and glue to fill the crack. Otherwise, send Dizi to a professional for repair.

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 Dizi can still play and may even sound better, even if it has been cracked and fixed before.

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 However, if the crack is located at the pore of the membrane, it may be more difficult to fix because it is a unique "dimo". Due to the unevenness of the crack line, the sound may be affected.

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 If your flute has a copper adjustment joint, be careful when dividing the flute into 2 parts to store the flute. This can cause possible damage to the copper tuned connector, so the flute may not fit properly.

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 Use ' E Jiao' [scorpion fur] and water on the flute film. Do not use saliva.

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 Do not wash the flute with water as it may enter the bamboo and affect the tone of the instrument. After use, wipe off the excess saliva with a cloth and put the flute into the bag.

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 To keep the flute dry and clean, put a bag of silicone in your flute bag. If you want your flute to smell good, you can also try putting a bag of tea into your Dizi bag.

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 Most importantly, in order to keep the flute clean and personal hygiene, please use it alone.

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