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  1. zhixuan gong

    Noob channel cut off emo best moments

  2. Cesar Ben Francisco

    Iceiceice a victim of slowly falling away in terms of gameplay like mushi. Time for iceiceice to change his gameplay completely or he is gonna be kicked soon

  3. MrJuhs91

    Casters are getting anoying, the speak so slow with no hype. They are not really into the games alot of time it sounds like they maybe have 500 games or something. Get someone passionate about the game to cast it with over 5000 games instead of this bullshit im seroiusly falling to sleep

  4. miguel beltran

    If hector k1 had been in fnatic they would have won gaaaaaaa v:

  5. Pro Peta

    Kick jabz and ice³

  6. chayaphol topar

    all the hate comments are cut-down-deep here. (=..=)

  7. Sayuri Pacitan

    I want some Iceiceice pls💦



  9. スライスサイコロ

    dj got respect but the others sad…

  10. Gugun 21gun

    Fnatic classic style. Lead in the begining. Choke afterwards n no sign of comeback at all

  11. dota leavers

    Iceiceice and ramzees are awful on this tournament…

  12. A Vidal

    I hate ice ice ice

  13. Steven Legados

    FNATIChoke always choke ice3x bitch

  14. O:C 12

    4:47 wtf smoke

  15. Ez Ez

    23garbage. Typical cancer player who taunts a lot yet plays bad

  16. TheKartChannel


  17. Aaron Garon

    4:20 "TNC Looking really strong right now." What? xD

  18. Renato Julian

    Savage alchemist

  19. chuck taka

    So many hates in this comment section

  20. Big Daddy

    This is not Ice play style man, hes like a suport for dj and 23 savage hope they bring another carry that can create his own space and can play any hero like mushi back in 2018
    Not like this kid that can only play a broken hero that is going to get nerfed next patch

  21. Gabriel Macedo

    JT played really well
    way different than he used to do as position 1

  22. Nasali Nash

    23savage more like 23iq spectre


    hahak fnatic was nvr tier 1

  24. Максим Мамонтов

    Tier4 Cn from minor>tier1 SEA

  25. soon barn

    OK kehyu ang TNC stable sila sa tournament pero ang Fnatic pirti ka shit tungod sa carry nga Walay Puangod!

  26. Sol System

    23savage lul

  27. Trinajskaa

    Iceiceice so bad


    That storm tho

  29. dan liao

    Xem trận đấu kiếm tiền thì liên hệ Zalo mình nhé +63 977 600 9099

  30. Marius Richter

    Agree or not but…

    This Thumpnail looks noice 👌

  31. King Wai Leong

    That jt magnus noob then ai

  32. MTP

    Feeding like a piece of shit and still spamming chatwheel lmao. Typical garbage

  33. Dab inSide

    21:11 sure you are the one and only 23Garbage hahah LMAO

  34. 23dogbrain so good carry

  35. Hokusai

    savage to garbage

  36. mr cat

    Spectre throw

  37. NCAM Moto Vlog


  38. Ryudo Wizom

    ig throw so hard in 1st game

  39. Pearl Lapena

    If u guys are so good why you guys are not fantic carry?

  40. yanYamix Ian


  41. Rami August18

    Well this ig.emo react timing, positioning is really good i think this guy is the new star rising!
    1 hella good midlaners

    Even tho storm get nerfed

    He not even scared diving, he calculated soo good

  42. Koroku No Basketball Player

    Le choke achemist

  43. Koroku No Basketball Player

    Le choke achemist

  44. Shao Allen

    Emo God

  45. Nenra M.


  46. Muhammad Mustaqim

    verry2 poor carry 23carbage..cant even do a thing..u btter play pub only kid

  47. Trafalgar D. Waterlaw

    23cleavage should just play pubs

  48. Jay Bee

    Well played 4:46 !

  49. Patience From Zhou

    Disband fnatic. No chance

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