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    This is Chinese propaganda, Joke on Americans they are trying to overthrow
    The US Corporation and take down the
    Republican the same time. WAKE UP AMERICA!


    Pathetic! Traitors to America! Commentators are just socialist hacks,
    Professors distributing no products and no value in their Social Justice!
    50 years Iran has had a Jihad planned by the mullah’s. Americans are not listening to the cheap seats any longer.
    The arrogance and insensitivity of Islam is right out in front of the DNC their relationship and aiding our enemies this is what social democrats embrace!

  3. Garangan Squad

    Save natuna from indonesian

  4. JN Reddy

    if China helps, Iran will sell China tomorrow like selling Huawei last year when dealing with USA. Iran don’t have any strong mind of fighting and will always try to sit with Western although now they are bullied.

  5. bin525 luck

    Normally Chinese government will not join any war unless we under attack directly. But remember the price of Vietnam War. When China is not attacked but a strong stakeholder. You still need to pay extra price. Also Because of Russia, It's double extra now.

  6. I Selected For

    SCO must support Iran and SCO will support China and Tiwan. Come like Hero to support the right.

  7. wozzi71

    China and Iran deserve one another dictatorship ,human rights violations ,they run there countries like prison camps,so glad I live in a free country ,Iran does not allow women to drive and throw gay people out of Windows ,what a backward third world nation and China supports it

  8. Mude

    I urge people to understand that the madness of the US stems from its leadership. The crazy Donald Trump and his crazy administration are the enemy of ALL people. Including us British. We hate him

  9. Homa Monfared

    Thanks to China from Canada Long Live Great Country of Iran and Great Nation of Iran, down with USA/Israel.

  10. Lisa Chase

    Boom to America

  11. Paul Sanders


  12. Alex Pedida

    after all we all dead if that happen.

  13. Yolanda Verra

    iran black mailing countries through nuke

  14. Yolanda Verra


  15. Niki L

    China buys Iranian crude oil thus sponsoring terrorism. Way to go China.

  16. life Respect

    Your calmness to America will destroy your nation, China help yourself and for Iran but your surviving is depend on Iran and Middle East stability.
    Soon you will realise,

  17. Alaric von Gunnicus K

    Slowly but surely things shaping up
    ‘It was said in prophecy that beast will be defeated by king from east’ so its China or Iran or Russia or all together
    Really doesn’t matter how as long as they finally cut of this cancerous lump called America and put end to this long torture….

  18. Philip Zyrski

    As the United States imposes sanctions on Iran, China and Iran made a nuclear deal to counter the sanctions. Russia and China will have a historic presence in the Middle East in the future like never before.

  19. Dan D

    It is immoral what Trump did. He will join Bush, and we all know where Bush is now.

  20. Willie Thomas

    AMERICANS should read other people views points on how they feel about AMERICA (USA).

  21. Willie Thomas

    God help us all!

  22. Ali khan

    Love China from Pakistan

  23. Morteza Hassani

    Iran must become atomic,that block aggressive America&Israel from swallowing the land of neighbours,moreover good for Russia&Chaina. Iran going towards America not at all good for these countries,so they should do anything to support Iran against America.

  24. Anita Timmons

    Dang! A site for flat out COMMUNISTS! The nuclear "deal" was just a gigantic THEFT by a lying, scheming President. He was a traitor in every way to this country, and should really be in GITMO this very moment!

  25. Peter Gadd

    Since world war two.one country and i mean one country has been involved in every war since.GUESS WHO.

  26. Peter Gadd

    Usa dont want to negotiate .it wants war.

  27. Peter Gadd

    The nuclear treaty iran had.has nothing to do with whats going on now.they the usa want a war with them nothing more.

  28. Ten Pound Sterling! (T£N!)

    I can't believe the Chinese are calling for diplomacy after the absolute lunacy our current administration has showcased.

  29. ranbir singh

    Chainis muslim conditation is very poor in chaina.humen right take action on this.

  30. Stealthmann

    Iran: Hello China
    China: Hi
    Iran: Can you help us build a nuclear bomb?
    China: Why?…

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