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  1. trevor francis

    china don't need soybeans britain has marmite , china will win trade deal with usa, you cant stop a bullet with a paper bag

  2. Bob Grout

    911 Tower 7. Read it and open your eyes. Take the red pill, stop the dream you are in.

  3. jojo batikan

    Wait china to surpassed america in military n equipement . Will see.

  4. News Muse

    China must decouple from U.S. This won't end with Trump.

  5. Leonard Wong

    Competition is good. Both will nurture their talent. Without America…do you think China cares about it's people? Nah…they treat their own people as expendable…

  6. Sean Yee

    Guarantee you it will never be good relation. USA UK will only want countries bow to them, once you are better off, USA UK will only think of suppress you you down or suck your wealth.

  7. Bee be Cee

    Do not buy any US soybean etc so long as the US persists on interfering in HK, Xinjiang, Taiwan and with Huawei worldwide.

    Kick the CIA out of Xinjiang or it will end up like Afghanistan and HK.

  8. TS Choong

    When trust is broken, can it be restored? It can never be restored. It will never be the same again.

  9. Joe Burns

    Typical kiss-ass hosts to support Chinese propaganda.

  10. Amy Patterson

    America has definitely needed a putin so hopefully trump will straighten some messes out so America can make good stuff not just buy buy buy stuff.

  11. Templar Royston Of Raccoon City

    Trade sanctions I hope.

  12. Donald Dump

    China should not make any deals with the US War Criminals. Let them go to war until they are Bankrupt.

  13. Des Chan

    Liu xin eyes are so tiny, i hv hard time searching for it in her face

  14. Des Chan

    It will worsen.

  15. Jacob Maxey

    US capitalism cannot coexist with Chinese multilateral cooperation. Lenin described the evolution of monopoly capitalism and we have seen it play out over the course of the last 100 years, nearly 100 years after the death of Lenin, he was still right. I'm sure the Communist Party of China knows this. China is the only one capable of ending this system. China has my full-fledged support, and I use my every breath to tell the truth about the success and prosperity of the Chinese system. The alternative is western, imperialist barbarism. I hope the Chinese people remain strong and are not tricked by western propaganda as the Soviet people were. The Chinese civilization has regained its dignity in a way that the Slavic people still haven't. My full support to the People's Republic!

  16. si sla

    The only way they go good is if China kills all the sabatean frankist banksters who control the pedo usa

  17. Robert Berger

    Trump has no problem to brake agreement he only has to say that China is bad and China is cheating and he will have republican and democrat on his side like promoting their HongKong riots

  18. Metaphysical2012

    Be extremely careful when one is dealing with psychopaths. For you own good, never ever thrust them !

  19. Susan Ananda

    Is China in control of the US China relationship? Or is it up to Mr Trump?

  20. Sum Ting Wong

    I hope US will continue to impose tariffs on this communist thief.

  21. Loraine Jones

    Ignore the pycho Trump. China just do your thing keep building a middle class and you will win the future. USA will be in another 20 year war and will forget China exists. We are Rome 2.0 a dying empire fighting our final war.

  22. Joel M

    Trump: Jr, tell the family I want a better deal from China before Jan 15.
    Trump: 2 days later… I won't sign because China is not buying enough soy beans and pork. I'm still losing..
    Trump: Jr. tell the family I changed my mind and will sign Jan 15.
    Trump: 2 days later… I'm going to sign Jan 15. I'm winning to keep the US economy staple and strong.
    Trump's family members: We are all winning here.
    Jr: Let's go celebrate on my new yacht. Everything is on me.

  23. twaters57

    Well Trump said he would bring the troops home, I just know he meant body bags.

  24. Fox Fiend

    Wishing China even greater prosperity and progress for 2020!

  25. Rufus Fritz

    Tweeting might not be that bad if Presidents of all countries adopt the concept …At least we could hold our leaders accountable for actual words put out there in public instead of relying on being indoctrinated by genuinely fake news….

  26. Nasus Capilli

    To answer the question, it’s the only way down. Here in the US, the elites are competing to be the most extreme China hater and it is contagious. The public are now infested, It’s a trend nowadays to smear china, the more bad things you say about China the better you look.

  27. Marek Kolenda

    China could wait for 2020 election results with finals agreement.Trump can cancel any agreement any time.

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