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  1. Anthony G.

    Mike, great channel. I'd be interested in in shorter, or more compact videos, or do a condensed version, with just the top talking points. For those who can't stream all the data or mobile users.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Rufus Cusack

    Thank u Mike! Grateful ur channel & each & every video! And thanx 2 Dr. Perlmutter 4 all his work.

  3. samjarea

    David mentions a book about rebuilding your gut at around 50:30, by a Michale someone, can anybody point me in the right direction, many thanks.

  4. kaylee vazquez

    Love this Dr. Please interview Dr. Cywes too!

  5. no name

    Brain Wash – I look forward to reading it. Thank you

  6. no name

    One of the messages this person feels they received was regarding GMOs.

  7. Indigo Love

    poor editing

  8. Bolivian Billionaire

    sorry bud…….we don't got a rumen……fibre ain't for us……

  9. Alfred M

    the easiest way to test olive oil…put it in the freezer. if it solidifies, it's real…if it stays liquid, it's fake.

  10. Alfred M


  11. mark f

    idiot drinks a litre of live oil a wekk

  12. Schuyler Geery-Zink

    Vegetarian and Vegan are different — as a vegetarian (and one who uses keto too), quality eggs and cheese are part of my whole food diet in addition to nuts/seeds, vegetables/sea veggies, fats, and occasional tofu.

  13. David Roberts

    I could listen to David Perlmutter all day, he is willing to listen to and evaluate all points of view which is the only way all of society can move forward

  14. Alex F

    Pigs and farm animals are getting IBD – from GMO grains and pesticide laden food source. Dogs and cats are getting cancers and digestive issues even on their natural meat diet. I think our food and stress levels are killing us slowly

  15. Alex F

    I know of vegetarians /vegans who have colits???!!! One got it in her 60's….. vegan… this is all so conflicting. then there's people who have paleo meat based diets who went into Remission from Colitis. what the hell is the real issue. GMO'S, PESTICIDES, STRESS!!!!!!! POISONED FOOD AND WATER AND AIR –

  16. aleph71

    As always fantastic questions. Wonderful answers. Adorable human beings. Grateful for your work!

  17. A Singh

    Looks like a hobbit being interviewed by Gandalf! Did Jackson produce this one?

  18. dankabal

    "We need to nurture the gut with plant based foods and plant fiber and fewer animal products" Am i the only one who try to imagine the last ice age when our ancestors waited 7 months for a fiber rich food and they don't eat meat and fat?

  19. spotthe vegan

    I was raw vegan 5 years, super foods, kale, spirolena(??), chlorella, turmeric, fruit of all kinds, herbs of every kind, (maca, lucuma, matcha, camu berry, astragalus, tulsi, gotu kola, etc..) goji berries, blue berries, mushroom, reshie, turkey tail, lions main, cordyceps, no sugar (refined) even did raw honey and bee pollen as well as soil based organisms. Nuts (every kind in raw form) my health started degenerating at the end, herbs kept me going mentally(to a degree) one meal a day worked for a while but that ended in me sleeping 13 hours a day. Raw meat is healing me like nothing I've ever experienced. And now my stomach issues are gone and I didnt even realise they were issues, I thought my terrible mental reliance on food was healthy……. just saying. For me, more meat is better, not vice versa

  20. Ruth Smith


  21. sama2702

    At his age.. He has a good posture.. They have been sitting without back support for quite some time.

  22. Carole Steinberg

    Reptilian brain? I don’t believe we have a reptilian brain.

  23. Louise Gallant

    One of the reasons I believe why folks going to Italy, Greece etc and eating lots of pasta and not feeling the same effects as in US, is that the pastas are mostly (used to anyways) freshly made pasta…. and not the dried up products we have here….and more and more whole grain varieties that are harder to digest…

  24. TommiFPV

    Fiber lol

  25. Sandi GF

    Always really enjoy your shows with Dr Perlmutter. Another excellent show!!! Thank you Mike!

  26. Strumento

    Too much conflicting info on the internet but one thing is for sure, cut the refined carbs and eat the rest (in moderation)!

  27. Jim Henson

    Pleaseeee turn down the volume on the intro music! Blows my ears out everytime. I realize theres a reason for getting my brain in the mode and your marketing…but fuck 🤯

  28. Vivian Vanderhoek

    So many people have had chemo or radiation which must decimate the microbiome. Any thoughts on how to protect oneself, and rebuild?

  29. Zero Hoots

    1 liter of olive oil a week? wow


    I think it is sad that an obviously intelligent person can talk of moving to a meat free diet. Our bodies are designed the way they are, more dog than pig and we are designed to eat a high meat diet. The moral issues of meat eating I believe have much more to do with the world population. There are way too many of us and I wish the scientific community would face up to ths instead of pushing vegan diets that are not what we were designed for.

  31. Tetsuo

    Check out this EVOO tester, also ATSAS organic farm https://aristoleo.com/aristoleo-test-kit/

  32. Robert Krug

    Great Interview, as always. I didnt know yet that Aspartam changes the microbiom and indreases the possibility for Diabetes. Thanks! And from my point of view the "long" version are perfect. 1h…perfect. I always enjoy this 1h in the evening before we watch something more "easy" 😉

  33. MaleMan TV

    I appreciate this dude's time, as I heard him Bulletproof recently too, but when he begins the conversation stating the benefits of eating like our ancestors, but later mentions drinking a litre of olive oil a week… My spidey senses start tingling.

  34. Laurie Gonzales

    First off, the way you edit the first minute of your videos with the teaser for what's coming up and the crescendo of the music…SO AWESOME! SO POWERFUL! Secondly, please give a specific brand of olive oil that is pure. Thx!

  35. Mads Hansen

    Vagan is not so good

  36. mer1tiki

    Sad to see David has bought into so much vegan propaganda. Just one of many examples: ruminant animals (cows, sheep, goats…) holistically grazed in a way that mimics natural ruminant movement and grazing helps reverses global warming by rehabilitating desertified and depleted soils and so much more. See Alan Savoury's TED talk: https://youtu.be/vpTHi7O66pI

  37. VG the Clueless Coward

    hi guys …. there is an upcoming debate between Vegan Gains and Bart Kay. Subject is LDL Cholesterol and CVD. If interested I suggest Bart's channel for updates.

  38. V Jr

    Fantastic vid, enjoyed the philosophy of it too

  39. Loveland Medical Clinic

    oh no , my brain is shrinking. Great interview. Love it. He seems more philosophical than usual.

  40. Daniel Night

    Like the channel, but this guy isn't a pro like other guests. He seems more like a woowoo guru than anything.

  41. Owen Kelchner

    I live like 20 min north of Naples. So cool!

  42. Main Pursuit

    Found this article and would be worth sharing https://malepursuit.com/eating-for-weight-loss/

  43. Shannon Kringen

    thanks for this

  44. DB 00

    He said TMAO, I'm out. The main souces of it are carnitine, betain and choline. So outside meat; soy, green veg… Totally incongruent TMAO causes disease in meat eaters but not vegetarians. There is absolutely no way your body knows the difference in source. All the studies on it in fact show elevated blood levels are indicative of kidney disease, which is unrelated…

  45. Kasimir B

    I disagree. The true leaps in civilization came with agriculture. Our brains shrank? Maybe. So did our biceps. Sickness, lower bone density, obesity etc. didn't come with grains though. Those maladies basically weren't known until the midst of the past century. Then convenient foods came, sodas, modern wheat etc. People didn't do hard physical labor anymore. They smoked in excess. TV became popular. As it was correctly said, we must adapt to the circumstances. They dictate a plant based diet, because we simply can't feed 8 billion people meat without polluting our water, cutting down our forests and destroying our planet. Not to mention the slaughtering of billions over billions of innocent creatures. But good Christians have no problem with that part, right?

  46. Morpho Polis

    He is definitely going against the grain (pun intended) by going plant-based. It seems to me the best scientific evidence points to animal-based being the way to health. Dr. Greger and McDougall both look like zombies whereas Dr. Baker looks like an Adonis. I am not convinced by Perlmutter. He is muttering a lot of vegan talking points.

  47. James Gant

    Ocean acidification causes algal blooms and phytoplankton mass die offs. Phytoplankton is the largest photosynthetic organism on the planet. Provides roughly 65% of the oxygen we breath. Rates of ocean acidification are directly proportional to the magnitude and rate of carbon release in the atmosphere.

  48. Edoardo Filippi

    Intro Music is lit🔥

  49. CAngel Roberts

    Love your interviews! Keep up the work!

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