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  1. nick Shi

    Those teenagers are all HK losers!

  2. hhh hwh

    do not argue with a idiot, because he will draw you down to his level and beat you with his abundant experience

  3. Django

    actually they are doing their job now

  4. Billy The kid

    He only cares about himself

  5. Safinah Mohamad

    U asking me,me asking u..repeated..kbye

  6. Fredy's Project

    Hey you hongkongers you talk like you are not a part of china, look at you, see from mirror, see your face . You are 100% chinese DNA. And in 2047 your HK will gone be china. If you dont want see the truth , you can go to canada, or back to your england

  7. Victor Valdez

    If this was a brown man or a local HK man he would not be in a situation to argue that long LMAO

  8. Armi

    Anymore of this protest will lead China Mainland and Hongkong became The next north and south Korean. The only difference was Not Even Single Country will support HK because these idiot protesters occupied the Airport and make foreigners had a hard time from it. You just dig your own grave from doing that, such a bad move. And for the aim of these protest, individually speaking these guys lack confidence in themselves. If they truly didnt acknowledges their bloodlines as china mainland people. Focus your protest for HK liberty rather than focus on executive (gov official) step down. Such a half baked confidence and act..

  9. Billy The kid

    Look at your own country aussie bastard

  10. Tan Chee siong

    Stupid protesters

  11. Real Shell


  12. sean lim

    Technically if you think about it Japan Korea Taiwan hongkong all belong to China.

    It's just that through the ages china has lost a lot of wars and as an offering to the attacker they gave a part of their land away to their enemies.

    Or at least that's what I've heard.



    香港政府背後只是中共的扯線公仔 只會聽從黨的指揮




    Please get the damn fact right

  14. chijen2010

    These kids are absolute, total morons. They can’t compete with the Shenzhen kids across the border and they have no future.

  15. Douglas Leung

    I hope the world knows these kids don't represent hongkong

  16. bob brown

    Send guns!! Let's get this party started!

  17. Mark Rutte

    Damn you all!

  18. Nancy Hobson

    Its alright for foreigners to point the finger, but they're not the ones who in short order have to live under Communism

  19. W Alex

    Australian polite gentleman

  20. fairtoeverybody

    Support what the Australian says….

  21. Douglas Leung

    Yes you tell them 😆

  22. Hugue Adouga

    This cheap » business man » should know. When you do business you take the inconvenient and you deal with it. Standing here talking with kids and debating on who got the longest arguments is a waste of time.

  23. Thomas P

    Don’t argue with HongKong rioters, my Aussie friend. From China !

  24. Konrad of Kraków

    If Hong Kong were a part of China, this video wouldn't be on Youtube. Let that sink in. This is such a desperate propaganda piece on part of Mainland media xD

  25. kyus2001

    Corruption is EVERYWHERE
    Runs Ramped
    Those without Eyes can See and Feel this

  26. Bun Sambath

    Very stupid people's in Hong Kong

  27. Thom Youtube

    What the tourist should have been asked was, is Australia part of the UK, and If not, why not? All he cares about is getting his fat ass on the plane, doesnt know or care anything about the suffering of others, as long as he can stuff his face.

  28. Jason Lee

    Why you guys need to argue with foreigner there? You just simply and kindly explain him why you are doing this. Even though he doesn't understand or doesn't agree with you, you just tell him sorry and apologize him about this inconvenience for he is one of your guests no matter you like him or not.

    If you want to protest your right, you should use right way as well.

  29. Chen sheng

    go and get a job…

  30. Johann Loeng

    OMG, This Australian and these protestors. Both wrong, Government equally as wrong wrong.

  31. Zee 0verlad 0f the 9 5ages

    To afraid to name who ruins there system it seems.

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