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  1. Cody Shi

    Thank you Rana Mitter. I say China also play a role during ww2. I also agree that both the Communist and the Nationlist play well in their role.

  2. David Oh

    Many thanks to Professor Mitter for his efforts to keep this part of history alive. It has never gotten the "air time" it deserved, but hopefully that will change.

  3. Kaibo Wang

    Thank you very much Prof. Rana Mitter, as a Chinese, I owe you so much.

  4. Peoples Liberation Army

    It was 14 years we fought against Japan

  5. Byron Chong

    Thank you Mr Mitter, we are expecting you can show more facts for the war.

  6. Richard Saxe Coburg

    In the west we only ever hear of the west, something like this is much needed when so many countries that were once 'forgotten' are now developing and telling their tale. well done to you Rana.

  7. Raymond King

    Thank for talking the truth of the hard war which my father, uncles had fought for… for the freedom of our race and the rest of the free world… which taken the young life of my two uncles… thank u so much… (Y)

  8. Artemi tv


  9. Young C

    I may have to connect you with my grandfather

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