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  1. WC

    Fuck China, fuck Winnie the Pooh and fuck the government

  2. adippful

    1000 years ban, thats confinient; by the time the ban has been lifted, china already conquer the world

  3. Selphares Secret

    Well I give not much credit to Epic since the boss retreated from a possible interview and two of his develeopement 'friends' instantly banned me in 20 Seconds on Twitter for compaining about filterbubbles. Such stunning and brave people.

  4. M1General

    Tencent is partly owned by South African company Naspers (31%)

  5. Sali Ver

    Riots with weapons and helmets are still peaceful protests… oh wait.

  6. Beev

    Btw Tencent has a pact with the Government to give them their Data…

  7. Serevarno

    People seem to forget that Blizzard has to answer to Activision in a lot of stuff today.

  8. Mr Spelly

    Aaand, no paying for games with lootboxes, and no paying for games with Tencent influence, or any other chinese ties.

  9. ByAnyOtherName091


  10. Zalamael Semper Dius

    Mark Kern must have a new game coming out soon. I remember him pulling this same stunt with SOPA to try and promote Firefall a good few years ago. Also, he never forgets to mention his involvement in WoW Classic.

  11. Mike D

    I listened to Mark Kern on TheQuartering live stream and he's a boss. I hope he's making an MMO because I think the choice players have for companies that own and operate MMOs is the choice between bad companies and worse companies and players invest lots of their time, years usually, into a game and that's why it matter so much.

  12. TheSilent Tiger

    Ugh enough with the drama news, get back to the actual gaming news.

  13. M

    This story is bigger than I could imagine. Basically what you are saying is that all the recent SJW narrative push in gaming is directly correlated with China. It makes sense if you think about it in that they own Hollywood and media such as gaming, can push their agenda to cause chaos within the west and can censor dissenting voices when it is brought up or challenged thus giving them complete control of information flow. This is a very big story and needs to be discussed because I had no clue they had such controlling interests in gaming and given the massive recent SJW push it correlates to them in a type of divisive manner to cause issues within the west. China is not the friend of the west and wants to destroy every western country.

  14. Fruit Cat

    So glad I mostly play indies now.

  15. Neil Brooks

    What we need is a certification system for games showing us how ethical their publishers are, and how riddled with predatory microtransactions they are.

  16. CapelliMan

    "Nah guys Epic store is great for the pc market."
    Censorship in videogames happens
    Pikachu shocked face

  17. Alucard :3

    3:26 I remember this movie 😵

  18. FlurOji

    Glad I never bothered getting any Blizz games, would be annoying to have to remove them ;D

  19. Maxaeternum

    Someone’s getting killed over this.

  20. Ohm Oggi

    I stand by all those that wish to delete their acc's and boycott!

    Then I won't have to wait so damn long in queue.. >.>

  21. Eric Cadwell

    I get less and less interested in gaming in general, the more money that flows through it. I liked it more when it was poor and honest.

  22. Manny Calavera

    7:14 Easy for Tim Sweeney to say,Tim is a Damned Liar. There is no FORUM to Post comments about Tencent,The CUP, games or politics or Hong Kong on Epics Game Store…. Cognitive Dissonance much ?!!

  23. Charles S

    Tim Sweeney has said a lot of things that have turned out not to be true, so I'll not be believing him until he proves otherwise.

  24. iempire100

    Chinese are huge in mobil gaming aren't they? Well, there you go. Now we all know for sure why these big devs make shitty mobile games for another country. Payoffs or taking control of the company. Fucking politics even trying to ruin gaming.

  25. Corsair Soul

    They're just as heavily into Europe and the UK, with Funcom just joining the ranks of companies with Chinese investors.

  26. marcus ford

    THATS WAT TO MY FAVORITE PC GAME OF 2014 THATS WHY THEY GOT RID OF HIM, THATS WHY FIREFALL LOST ALL SENSE OF DIRECTION, I remember w he n everyone thought it was cuz of the ruff esports pitch, but woooowww (no pun intended) my hats off to you mr. kern, I can’t wait to fight with you for another planet

  27. Josh Rogers

    lol what Epic's CEO says doesn't mean anything. It's easy to back someone who is speaking out against the lack of human rights, and corruption in Hong Kong and China. The real test would be when someone voices a very unpopular opinion, or belief. Would they be so enthusiastic when someone voices a political ideal that opposes Epic's own?

  28. Drunkcyndaquil420

    time to start learning mandarin

  29. Doctor Lolchicken

    Epic clearly scared that this China Blizzard boycott will spill over to them since many people know they are 40% Chinese owned. Although better they say something than nothing.

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