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  1. Cancayate3

    A former B.C. politican? isn't hired by the NGO in calfornica. rofl.
    I really like one Canadian said to a white race in Canada, I am the real Canadian. either ack like white to be correct or be a real Chinese. rofl. as Chinese, making me laughing when white talking about poliitical correctness. Richard lee nothing but a white puppy. I am CHINESE.

  2. Seamus Ferguson

    So if you are of Chinese heritage…
    Regardless of nationality…
    The CPC owns you…
    Hello, hello PM Trudeau…
    Where are you…

  3. John Lee

    Incident like this should go public immediately. I am curious what is his motive?

  4. Buysome Bitcoin

    Ok I”m not chinese nor in politics, but I know beyond a doubt, there’s no frickkkin way anyone in their right mind would go to china, in this climate. I was yelling for the past 2 years, china travel advisory, do not go there!!

  5. Priscilla Raeburn

    Stay in Canada next time. Why go China and spend your money there. Loser 😁😆😆

  6. Priscilla Raeburn


  7. mikecorbeil

    @CBC News : Shame! You should always say what the heck a MLA is. It's not found with Wikipedia, so maybe you'd want to create a page there, for this. Rereading your text summary, I see the meaning, but it doesn't include, f.e., " (MLA) " following your " member of the legislative assembly ". OTHER THAN THAT, I guess this MLA just needed to DECIDE where he wishes to be. Want to be in Ca., then stick to it. Don't keep butting your nose in where you're only going to get yourself into trouble. In this world, we have far more important things that deserve our ATTENTION and they get LITTLE of it, or this. What he got for treatment is like a vacation, compared to many millions of people on this planet. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't care about them. He doesn't care about Canaians unduly deep in poverty, doesn't care about the west unjustifiably attacking other countries, destroying them, killing millions of innocent people. He's an immigrant and they all seem to think the west is great, which it most definitely isn't. NO ONE forced him to return to China or Hong Kong, so he caused his own problem when anyone with real wit would know to not do this. Meanwhile, many millions of innocent people who aren't responsible at all for their situations and who the, esp., west massacres, we don't care? This man was " begging for touble " and he got it. CBC needs to focus on truly important matters.

  8. Chris Won

    You can't control China.

  9. BillHK

    The Liberal Party of Canada is subservient to the CCP. It's the source of much of their funding.

  10. Tommy Ohlrich

    Anyone else like how this “news outlet” shuts down public discourse about their stories? Cherry picking what we can and can’t comment on: Tyranny comes in many forms.

  11. Wy123

    Why you come to China if you hate China?

  12. Romanes eunt domus

    Why would anyone want to go to China??

  13. thndrngest

    he was forewarned by the officials, so what is the problem? he reached out to the media four years later … why so late?

  14. Pub Comrad

    I am furious about recent comment of the0🇨🇦Canadian Defense Minister, Harjit Sajjan, saying that China🇨🇳 is not Canada's adversary.
    Where has he been ?

  15. Izziebiz

    why is Justin in the front line against Saudi, and shy away from China ? there are over 1.7 million chinese in Canada, the government has the responsibility to protect us.

  16. N N


  17. ThePunisher

    Yea, so how Canada captured Huawei CFO?

  18. K K

    Canadian Gov is too soft

  19. hoonsiew yeo

    He was detained for his treachery and a traitor – he had committed something so sweet as a lawmaker that he was hated by the ,Chinese – isn't he a Chinese by birth?? Understandable!! Can't run away from what he really is?? He "asked for it".

  20. Van Boy

    Richard T. Lee is former harsh critic of Beijing. In 1992, Lee was expelled from China when he was chairperson of the Vancouver Society in Support of so-called Democratic Movement.

  21. Pub Comrad

    While the CCP controls 100% of the news inside China🇨🇳, it sends thousands of trolls, the so called 50 Cent Army, here to exercise their Freedom of Speech 😂

    Their task is to MANIPULATE the public opinion to CCP propagandas. 
    They praise China at all cost,  click Like China on all issues. On the other hands,  they belittle anyone else and muddy obvious facts.

    Some commenters don't even know English but still make comments by using online Chinese-English translators.  As a result, some comments look awkward and have dumb meaning. 😣

  22. Pub Comrad

    Canada should introduce new laws to punish Chinese officials🇨🇳for human rights violations.
    Their corrupt money in overseas banks will be frozen, and the student visa of their kids in Canada should be revoked.

  23. ET Himself

    Wake up folks

  24. Pub Comrad

    Just say NO to China.
    – No transit via China
    – No visit to China
    – No Made in China
    – No to thuggish regime in China🇨🇳

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