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  1. Leonardo Costa

    Lula was arrested without evidence by a partial and partisan justice. Lula is the best president Brazil has ever had. The Brazilian elite does not like him. This elite is stingy, doesn't care about the rest of the population. That's why they pursued Lula.

  2. moodsawa

    He challenged the Zionist bankers affairs in his country….precisely

  3. Inquisitive

    Here is a true lefty leader for you. That tough stance he takes against US hegemony is one of the reasons he is in prison. They knew he will be elected if he ran again so they trapped him inside a prison.

  4. JoãoLP

    Lula refused to be released after nowing he would have to work during the daytime…

  5. Dave Howard Schiff

    All brazilian people hopes that Lula gonna stay in jail for a Long time. It's a dirty politician and must be arrested for the rest of his life

  6. 4ndr01d99

    Lula was referred as "the number one", "the Brahma" by all his currupt dome. There's no economists in this country (even the ones who worked in his government) that agrees with what was done by his government. There's no such great economy that keeps up with wrong investments. Brazilian's money is now in Cuba, Angola, Venezuela and so on…
    If this government was so good as many people says, we wouldn't be in crisis like the country is now. Or should it be a simple coincidence now that lula is in prison?

  7. Harold Flite

    Brasil is a shithole. .prove me wrong.

  8. GHOST


  9. constantine

    I thank the former president Lula da Silva for speaking out against people like Trump and the government in Washington ,DC.I hope soon the empire will fold and we as Americans can get back to our Constitution and Bill of Rights as they were intended to be!

  10. viperstormway leader

    Lula the Brazilian monster shall end his days in prision.


    Strange he didn’t talk about the crimes he committed…only bashed Trump…I’ve seen that behavior somewhere before.

  12. Royal Jaat

    M from India, please launch hindi LANGUAGE in your RT NEWS APP

  13. LVPN 1

    Great man and President, soon enough Lula shall be liberated from jail where he has been a political prisoner for over one year and will return to command Brazil again as future President.

  14. Pamonhas De Piracicaba

    Corrupt criminal

  15. i i

    Brazil is a colony of the US now

  16. N N

    Brasileros mal agradecidos.

  17. four ways to get rich

    Save the forest and animals…

  18. Cheryl Brandon

    Free Julian/Chelsea, jail Bolton/Pompeo/Obomber/Biden/Condeleeza Rice/

  19. Troll MeBro

    What Trump delusions is this guy having? Trump has had an invasion free career thus far lmao.

  20. heat cliff

    Rofl…what a fool….lmao

  21. Azzagard

    Free Assange and jail Biden.

  22. A.S.A

    Lula didn't launder money he's a political prisoner who didn't do anything wrong but want the best for the Brazilian people and nation. Lula is loved and has great approval ratings and that is why he was removed from the political stage.

  23. Peter Johnson

    It's scumbags like Lula that confiscated firearms from law-abiding Brazilians. These Commies need to burn.

  24. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Lula 💕💗

  25. Sergio Gimenes

    I'm not his supporter and never voted for him. But I'm a lawyer, and I think that anyone have the constitutional right to be processed under the due process of law and by the rule of law. His sentence is a juridic absurd, his sentence is based in a fact strange to denounce, who sentenced him as partial judge that had political intentions to see him out of political polls.

    No clue, CIA has took part of its act.

  26. Trent Montgomery

    Solomon's temple proverbs 30:4-9, Proverbs 11:25 a liberal soul will be made fat. Ecclesiastes 10:19. Eunuch brook.

  27. CrazyPCKid

    Rot in jail, and hell is the next stop, along with his dead wife

  28. PxMateus

    It's a thief, corrupt, bum. Deserves to die in jail !!!

  29. Tyler Durden

    lula went to prison before Trump was even elected. CIA is a left organization just like lula so It has no interest in sending him to jail. Lula is a psycopath comunist like Stalin and mao tse tung.

  30. Andre Dias

    He was the most popular president in the history of Brazil, rivalling Getulio Vargas. I supported the prosecution and the judge, and watched the trials, and when I read the sentence… A total piece of garbage. Then came the Intercept revelations and it became clear that the judgment was set only to remove him from winning his 5th presidential election in a row.

  31. superphi

    Wasn’t this guy with like 80% approval rating when he was president?

  32. Sheeple are Lame

    Good for him <<< FREE ASSANGE

  33. Blue Red

    Lula is a crypto Jew true Semite very different from the Ashkenazi khazars fake Jews. So I wonder if people knowing that and knowing that Brazil population is almost entirely crypto Jews Sephardic by blood seed of Yisrael if they will continue to support.

  34. bittercottoncandy

    RT's stance on South American matters is a disaster. They give voice to the worst scumbags they got there, like Maduro. Furthermore, they actually platform convicted criminals like this momo and Rafael Correa.

  35. Moon Watch

    Meanwhile the actual real crimes in Brazil etc continue – burning the rainforest, ignoring and displacing the indigenous peoples, logging the forests, etc.

  36. hipe mipee

    Lula was framed by the international Jewery… Just look what happend to Amazon after the Jews got to power in Brazil!

  37. LFSG

    Brazilian prosecutors had to ask to a court to force Lula to leave his comfortable and expensive prison, and we're waiting for the decision. He's been there long enough (for his first conviction; others are coming) and can go out, but he doesn't want to. This is the "political prisoner".

  38. Moon Watch

    How anyone goes to jail for laundering something that itself is a corrupt lie to start with. Those who enforce the law are well aware of the actual evils of the world and well aware of the extent to which laws are broken, but they go along with the conspiracies to only prosecute some – if you sell-out they let you off. The Penal system is a masonic five P and it's invented by evil and serves only evil – it is satanic and has nothing to do with Gods law. Real people wouldn't need a police system. The law is corrupt and it's the opposite energy to love and the opposite energy to higher consciousness anything.
    A society at this corrupt fallen level, which was a just and good society, wouldn't have jails and prisons – they'd have some system where you work basically, doing things that actually make the world better – ie not the bs evils that lots of 'community service' actually does, which are very harmful to health and environment and themselves are actual crimes against such. All the Penal system is, is a corrupt way to collate lots of negative energy, such as dead orgone, all into the same place, like a zoo or suchlike. It's an evil system that ignores spiritual reality.

  39. Easy Crypt

    Musings of a criminal

  40. LFSG

    This guy is garbage, and it's a shame that RT sides with him. He doesn't want to leave prison because he knows that people will throw tomatoes on him in the streets. And he's very well in a nice Federal Police building, meeting his friends and girlfriend and giving interviews. Brazil is the country of impunity, and it's the same for this crook who broke our economy by stealing our money. His socialist party has two kinds of people: the liars and the idiots. He's a mix of both.

  41. Gee G

    Looks like Julian assange

  42. Luis Mailhos

    Killing presidential candidates is OK to him however. Hypocrite.

  43. NathansHVAC

    Trump didnt kill the Canadian president. He just turned him blackface.

  44. Madsaur Madsaur

    I hope this corrupt f—-k rotten in jail. Brazil has never been so deep in corrupt as it got after this criminal got into the presidency.

  45. PEPE SS

    Better dead than red prison is too good for lula

  46. Drako-shi

    Stay strong Lula. Brasil needs you. You'll make one last, long and prosperous presidency I'm sure.

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