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  1. AKDGsonic

    He speaks like a director of a movie. thanks for US backstage play

  2. Goliath de Laru

    It will get worse unless USA steps in to help. HK needs US police officers who are not hesitate to use their guns.

  3. Ismail AliAliAli

    HK will die sooner than later, Shanghai will emerge. Bye2 to all westerner who live in HK. No more gold for you.

  4. light traveller

    In truth the protesters are protesting against terrorism. Back to the basics, is anyone aware of the basic nature of communism?

    Other than Karl Marx himself another well known communist leader Leon Trotsky gives the answer to that, terrorism is the backbone of communism. This is written clearly in his book, titled Terrorism and Communism. It is still on sale, google it and you can find it easily.

  5. johnnyguitar2929

    I live in HK. Most HK citizens do not agree with the violence, chaos and disruption the rioters are bringing to the city. Many people want change but not at the cost of their livelihood.

  6. June Huo

    Use your brain, full of bullshits.

  7. June Huo

    Oh, of course you know. The US is backing the riots. However, your dream will not come true devils.

  8. David Vogt

    Lets face the facts China is a lil bitch it cant control a couple college kids. powerful china my ass allowing a few college kids to shut down their financial center. China needs to prove it is strong…

  9. Teh Chuan

    If this happens in America the National Guard lock down the place empty their gun and the coffin maker will be laughing all the way to the bank thanks to the bullets, journalists will be playing golf or sunbathing all expenses paid for, peace and harmony return no one will notice it.

  10. loveofpeace

    Oh what a shame is not in the western Media or #BBC and any kind of the west demonic evil tongue. Repeat, in fact whatever the west demonic tongue accuse other if fact talking about themselves evildoers.
    The fact, they only one human languages black is black and white, evil and good and we don't need a human translator.
    They hate themselves and HK why don't they lift. To late now they is no place on earth you can hid or take shelter. If you ask the demon to shelter you know. The evil one will line up you lot as human shield like they do to this in the middle east in fact all over the globe. And every living human being have know.
    Oh well, I don't know how this Konger traitors can ever lift your head up to walk on the street of HK. The good Chinese spot on. If you don't like to live than immigrant and even better another woman say to the US funded terrorist. The monster Japan attack HK where are you? As to me I take some rest.

  11. Soviet Union Jack

    So are the protests in Moscow. When are all these unelected dickheads (Kremlin, Politburu, EU Commission etc etc) going to wake up to the fact that people want the right to choose the leaders that make laws they must live by and history tells us anything else WILL FAIL. Wake up assholes !!!

  12. Thor's Adventure

    Hong kong Protestors will continue the protest in Hong Kong International Airport everyday until the god-damned traitor Carrie Lam resign !!!
    it is because this move is way more effective to get the world's attention and hurt the key economy channel of Hong kong which can force the traitor Carrie Lam to respond the 5 demands sooner. Plus, the damage to the protestors will be minimum because Hong Kong "Black Cop" will not use tear gas inside the Airport in front of the foreigner & tourists from all over the world. If the freaking evil China sent the army to clear the protestors, China will be game over !!!! If the idiotic dictator XiJingPing is smart, he will not send the troop into Hong Kong. Oops…. I forget that Xi is a super idiot. FREEDOM is way more important than BREAD…. Hong Kong protestors should not back down until we get the 5 demands respond.

  13. Susan Ananda

    Once those protesters stop receiving funds from America, things will get much better in Hong Kong. Just stop the payment please!

  14. a xx

    this is where your taxpayer money is going…idiots

  15. hollapro

    The devil is alive

  16. Monica Chow

    Hong Kong will get worse sooner or later under a "thuggish regime". The young activists only make it happen a bit earlier.

  17. Jin Y

    This is why people don’t watch CNBC!
    These lefties adore communist China..

  18. David Hynes

    Hong Kong will have many business moves away especially when the CCP takes over.

  19. 老蒋

    The US government is the culprit, they pay for those thugs for creating turmoils.

  20. NeoGeoSNK

    Arrest them all China !!

  21. Andy Yang

    Without doubt,hongkong will gettingworse if they dont stop their ridiculous actions.

  22. gllmps2 lumapas

    U.S for human rights? you legalize "waterboarding" as a necessary tool for interrogation for suspected terrorist.

  23. gllmps2 lumapas

    US govt invade Iraq to liberate them, but they cant liberate hong kong #DoubleStandard

  24. Jason Krone

    China hates freedom so much that they want to make sure that no one suffers from it, good job China

  25. jon roberts

    this is all about face,,,the trade war ,,hk,,its all about chinese false face

  26. xiangming zhang

    I hope our troops going in not just "injurying" the thug rioters. When you shoot these pigs, make sure they get shot dead.

  27. Vladimir Vidanovic

    The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth. This
    is just one more CIA operation, for democracy and world peace , SCARING PEOPLE WITH COMMUNISM

  28. Vladimir Vidanovic

    The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth. This
    is just one more CIA operation, for democracy and world peace , SCARING PEOPLE WITH COMMUNISM

  29. Henry Chung

    Now the foreign also not supporting the Kong Kong, protesters?


  30. Donald Kasper

    Save face means must have absolute control. Losing face is called negotiating. In such a culture, all disputes are resolved with war.

  31. Daily Q

    Every country and region that the United States has intervened has gained democracy,Only the ruins remain.

  32. BD

    China is EVIL… Freedom will WIN.. Most important is the Freedom of Hong Konger's. America supports Freedom..

  33. Qlue QlueQlue

    I also suspect things getting worse, because USA will always find a way to create haboc and unstability anywhere in the world. That is how the US getting the power to dominate the world. The tower of Babylon as described in the bible

  34. Sam Sung

    The US has hold back allocating because China already have evidence that the CIA/NED are behind this. However, they don't mind having this bias news interview to get advantage out from the current situation now.

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