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  1. Jose Amador

    One of the most useful videos o have watched recently. Thank you madam!

  2. Kemi Odeniran

    Am not new to 1688 but after this video I discovered alot
    Thanks for sharing ma'am 💓👏

  3. Deborah Boateng

    You're amazing Yuping.I have subscribed.


    Yuping, thanks for your nice videos. I want to ask, do you do sourcing for foreign buyers.?

  5. Kelly McGurran

    谢谢. Yuping, I love your videos. I haven't started with Amazon yet, but when I do I will watch all your videos again and again.

  6. TEM 14

    Thank you so much Yuping…. You are God sent.

  7. precious kachi

    Waooo. This is good and you are a great teacher as well. Thanks

  8. Speak Chinese With Xianmin

    The greatest video above all

  9. With Phone

    Wow… awesome. Thanks.

  10. Sinte Mwilima

    Is it safe to trust a trading company that has over 6000 products…..they’re all female clothing


    I can already tell this video is going to save me millions from my profit margins.

  12. ogochukwu ejehu

    Wow, cant believe I paid for classes for this and I didnt get close to the information I just got from you madam, xiexie🥰🤗

  13. Serlen Souza

    i agree with colegue below, this pure gold, I loved your explanations.

  14. Rocki Rocki

    Girl, you are an incredible YouTuber. All of your comments speak loud and clear. I even used to hate long videos and slow-talking but I swear to god that your voice now is almost comforting and I prefer it now vs. the typical loud and rushed videos. I'm a huge fan and wish you the VERY best in life.

  15. Rocki Rocki

    I've always lived my life with NO regrets. As of 1 minute ago, precisely when I hit the :50 mark of this video… I instantly regretted quitting on my 2nd year of mandarin. I ESPECIALLY regret not making a point to use mandarin every day so that I wouldn't forget the little I did learn. My one regret in life!


    thanks too much

  17. Shufkat Ali

    being a chinese how can you speak english? amazing!

  18. aaron appiah

    Agent Alert 🙂
    Thanks GOODLIFE for the video , and with your permission… I own a legally registered international trading company in China and I offer purchasing agency service for 1688, taobao, tmall and physical purchases from #Guangzhou #shenzhen and #yiwu.
    And I get your products delivered to your door step 😉… agency fee is negotiable (T&C Apply) and accept payment from PayPal, Bank Transfer(to our Chinese company account ), Western Union and Money Gram,and Mobile Money… you can contact me personal on my WeChat ID – aarondates or Skype ID- aaronappiah90

  19. Kam Mairiga

    Thank you for this insightful lesson.
    I have learn alot

  20. Emmanuel John

    Nice please how do I get a honest responsible agent? Cause is my first time

  21. Krishnan Kesavan

    Don't forget to Like this

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