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  1. Daniel Fite

    That military can’t be to strong , I mean it is made in China

  2. Lucas Lai

    HK separation Dogs are dying.

  3. Takakoyuki

    The hongkong protestors brought this to them. They hit the axe on themselves.

  4. Eddie Hui

    The cpc is messing up your brain, Chinese soldiers you all have to turn around and destroy the cpc I meant destroy out of production than the whole world will be peace

  5. rod cortez

    the CHINA terrorize HONGKONG CITIZEN my military force,,,brutal than TIAN NAN MEN SQUARE…need UN RESOLUTIONS…

  6. Gyan Baram

    Indian in kashmir,China in hongkong

  7. Jimmy Tan

    Just staff it with all women soldiers. If they need to face the rioters in HK, it'll be such nice PR !

  8. los duros somos mas

    They are not militari thei are CHINA armed police no militar

  9. The Other Side

    "Evil Chinese government. How can they have their military in their own territory and be rotating the troops each year since they got their territory back. They should have kept them in Mars."

    ~ Western Media and SCMP

  10. levinwonderland

    Free Hong Kong!!!

  11. Wai Fung

    So what is they use troops to maintain the peace? If it is in the US, national guards would have been deployed by now.

  12. Optimus Prime

    If you guys do go into HK. Please beat the violent rioters extra hard 😂
    Funny how the West is afraid that China will send in troops to stop violent rioters in HK but when they need to destroy the Yellow Vest protesters the West has no problem doing so. Double standards and white racism.

  13. Roosevelt Franklin

    SCMP! Don't cause a stir! Remove this video!

  14. Brigadier General

    Liberty desire : (100%) A HUNDRED PERCENT (To yall paradox gamers)

  15. The very very sad story of Hong Kong. The British came to a fishing village and barren land with no much flat land. The people built it into an international city. In 1997, China took it back and claimed it, Hong Kong no longer belongs to the people of Hong Kong.

  16. 西方不亮东方亮.


  17. junaid munir


  18. Dawa Bhutia



    All the best xD

  20. Seb T

    i cant trust media but if its true Tiananmen square 2.0 gonna start in few days :'(

  21. Feinchan

    1989 flashbacks

  22. K H

    PAP and PLA are needed to maintain law and order should HK police fails. Emergency may be needed if casualty happens from the increasing chaotic illogical violent protests. HK must detain and punish all offenders swiftly

  23. Rio the Chief Master Boss Idol

    I want to see US, UK and it's allies step in. I'm excited to see war. My T.V. remote and popcorn are ready!

    Let's go! Let's see that new age tech war of fire and attrition

  24. Man limbu

    This is unfair we need ISIS and Taliban on protester side …make it equal ..

  25. liu luis

    Never heard of PLA garrison in HK? It's the 22nd rotation. PLA does it every year. Chill…

  26. vian aztraguzt

    Hong Kong doesn't want you, why u try so hard to claim us. Get away

  27. Fendy1

    Trump should weaponise the 3 million HK protestors – then we can call it a fair battle:
    Future of China v2 anti-CCP 'Freedom Fighters' vs. Future of China v1 Pro-CCP 'Rule-over-the-People' (a.k.a. Rule of Law) Tyrannical Rulers.

  28. teapotpcify

    Fark. What takes you so long…

  29. Lewis Lam

    PLA is so afraid of Indian army,,,so they hide themselves in HK to seek for seek for safety,,,,,,

  30. Anita Kania

    ASn d this is Hongkong 🙁

  31. Night Walker

    Big oO

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