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  1. Kenmindoesthings

    6:26 That's one caboose ya got there Thomas

  2. Snakes100

    Why would you have an American flag during the 1812 Overture? The Americans had nothing to do with the victory of the Russians over Napoleon’s army, like the piece is based on.

  3. XtrmeZED

    I, Giorno Giovanna have a Violin

  4. Lucario fan

    Where's dance of the Reed flutes?

  5. Booboo Wells

    One like equals him getting his violin back

  6. просто pshapepeshka

    Слава советскому союзу

  7. nik suster

    U actually did not put the beano song ? Nòooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  8. Elijah Capetillo

    It would be nice if you put the real year for once

  9. Dark Shadow

    0:44 watch those legs, it's beautiful

  10. Арнур Едильбаев

    Кто русский лайк

  11. Joshua Sama

    Is this how ling ling practices

  12. RAZ AlexPlayIta

    Can you stop calling that pizza delivery theme? Its an italian traditional music XD

  13. Doseph Doestar

    Ghiaccio : Straight in your head. I WON
    Giorno : 18:53

  14. enzoTHEferrari

    mfw when I just realised that Running in the 90’s was actually released in the 90’s.

  15. Doseph Doestar


  16. Doseph Doestar


  17. Anime Gamer

    Жожа топ)

  18. Unico - يونيكو

    well, i guess i'm subscribed now

  19. TSky

    Where is "Erika" ?

  20. Reakyr

    Guys please look at 7:11 it’s the best song ever

  21. Ylfgan


  22. Жора Тудвасев

    I am from Russia and I liked the joke about the anthem about the Soviet Union …… Only there still those who disagree with its laws were stolen. For a rastroin, a breath was lifted for life’s insult:) (this is a joke)

  23. Francesco Barbetta

    The last is the best

  24. Fadi George

    9:40 when i try to wake up

  25. Fadi George

    8:20 avatar on the first day of his life

  26. Fadi George

    8:28 when u try to impress ur crush

  27. Kabs

    i have spent too much time in the internet to know have heard em all except "the era of tiktok" but that excludes old town road

  28. MikeGamingHD

    Here at 59k views

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