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  1. LiTe RawYT

    This song was way before its time

  2. Lyn M.

    He looks like Newt Scamander in some side

  3. Peter Wainio

    And the sad thing is this has less views than every day bro

  4. Raymond Pumphrey

    Been with this song years. Best drinking song ever.

  5. Illya Abigail

    Ojalá en estos tiempos hicieran música así, con toda esa energía la cual transmiten al momento de escucharla

  6. Tarik Qattum

    2019 anyone?

  7. PewDiePie's Original Content

    album time

  8. Jokkah hhh


  9. Black White

    October 2019 from country 62+?

  10. INF1NI73

    OMG I WAS born In 2018 and I wish i Could Go Back to My Moms car and listen to this and I REMEMBER school. And GAMES. Awwwwwww Nostalgia. EVERYONE LOOK AT ME.

  11. Mother Figure

    The singer: .O.

  12. ryan plonkaa

    Music starts at 1:02

  13. ItsOsher OT

    Who stil here in October 2019?
    Drop like

  14. Sadie

    4:07 After 7 yrs I forgot about this moment when he looks out at his life. I got so choked up at the all powerful expressions he can fit in 2 seconds. What an amazing actor.

  15. Erwin Beringuel

    wow some nights is the best

  16. Figure Nation


  17. Allison Jenkins

    I song this song when I was a kid,and I never knew it was THAT BAND!!!!!!!!!

  18. GT Blox

    Will fun ever come back?

  19. Thumbi Mukami

    i'm just here to dislike all your comments for no reason

  20. Kobra Jay

    He hit that hoe 4:56 😂😂

  21. Richy Myat

    Legends say if the Brits opened this song in WW2, hitler would be doomed


    THis Is 🔥🔥🔥 AF

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