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  1. Big'Snoopy Barbosa


  2. KingJavar

    Herb a 🐐

  3. lil YB

    Ain’t gon lie I felt this!!!

  4. Azo4Lyfe Vevo

    bro cut up!!!!!

  5. Trap Lord Visions

    best part of the song 3:21 beat is heat tho

  6. E Sánchez

    I feel like I need to listen to more if he's music cuz I'm never really listen to the kid and I have a lot of respect for Chicago hip-hop this song is trash


    cap and herb look alike?

  8. Junior Yenot

    Let me just relax the devil playin' with me, angels talkin' I can't hear what they sayin' to me…. That's hard but at the same time, you can feel his pain… A pain due to the fact I sold his soul… Be aware of this kind of lyrics yall, because they're beggin' for help… Sad

  9. Anthony Pollard

    How could you unlike this shit 🤦🏽‍♂️ This that Lil Herb Still In Chiraq Flow 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Zay White

    Yessir I’m waiting on album bih

  11. Franco Wally

    Came from that icewear vezzo verse

  12. Leonard Marca

    Lil herb

  13. StashHouseTV


  14. Joel Williams

    Herbo too much. Follow me on Twitt: @joelpreneur

  15. TREND HOGGZ 2/47

    Damn dat young nigga cracc…glad to say i was wit u before da fam glad to see u where u at fam…keep working Gherbo tha GOAT

  16. L’A WORLD

    Welcome home lil herb 💯🔥😈

  17. Yung YK

    NEW Yung YK – GangBang'NAzz [No GHerbo] https://youtu.be/fe3AeCyBdYw

  18. KidFromChicago 01

    This nigga trash now. No Cap

  19. Douglas Brown

    Make this blue if you a real nigga

  20. treebreeze79 akins

    Man thought this was young bird first time I seen dude

  21. Kurt Frederick

    That's lil Herb… If you know, you know

  22. Giovanni DjJoHistoryProduction Aidala


  23. Tharsan J

    lit tune.

  24. Black Kbn

    Kanye west should of put herb in his Jesus album 🙏

  25. BustDown Thotiana

    "If I don't smoke I couldn't even eat" I felt that😢


    New Banga check this shit out “CANT TRUST” Litt🔥🔥🔥
    #IG @CEO DRABO I follow back

  27. Street Newz Tv


  28. Davieon Hall

    This shit cold💯🔥🔥🔥my young nigga gassin sheesh

  29. Wavy Brazy

    Who been listening since he was lil herb and dropped that WTFL tape!!

  30. Wavy Brazy

    Gherbo < Lil Herb

  31. swaggy bandz

    Bro telling a story you just gotta listen 🔥

  32. chris christophson

    Better on the second listen

  33. Marques Corbitt

    G Herbo gotta drop more and lil bibby to I need fc4

  34. Dirty Drew

    Hit up my brother with this and said if you didnt know now you know❤️❤️❤️

  35. bob wisely

    god damn herbo pressin

  36. Tank _02

    If anyone has a spare minute, check out my mate Mocachino on Spotify. He's a rapper, but barely any listens so let's get my mans count up.

  37. Bobby Bowser

    HERBO hair 🌊🌊🌊

  38. Michael saggese

    Nikka high key ass

  39. BIG BILL

    Ballin like im kobe vibes heavy

  40. flames Wells

    I heard you kodak


    PTSD coming soon

  42. Tommy Hilfiger

    “Went on my first hit but I ain’t make it a body kuz I saw a lady in front of me” 🔥🔥

  43. dee howlett

    "Angels talking i just cant hear what they saying to me"💯

  44. Da Don BluntTalk

    G Herbo Undefeated 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Demon From hell

    His raps aren't even close to being on key sounds like some crappie wanna be dj using fruity loops and a G herbo acapella and a shitty free instrumental and they couldn't even line it up to sound a little bit official.. Sorry but I don't see a future platinum rapper here but there is always SoundCloud g herby

  46. Olivia Louis

    Finally bitch I love you…you my favorite Chicago rapper bout time you came back out and snapped 🅿️Pooh!!

  47. Rxilzz

    Who remember when he fell through the window on insta😂

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