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  1. Charles Wilson

    Old shit. China holds more than 80,000 tons

  2. SelfGoverned

    From INVESTOPEDIA .com: Quote: " A 'Sovereign Wealth Fund (or 'SWF') pools money derived from a country's 'reserves,' which are set aside for investment purposes that will benefit the country's economy and citizens. The funding for a sovereign wealth fund (SWF) comes from central bank reserves that accumulate as a result of budget and trade surpluses, and even from revenue generated from the exports of natural resources. The types of acceptable investments included in each SWF vary from country to country; countries with liquidity concerns limit investments to only very liquid public debt instruments. Some countries have created SWFs to diversify their revenue streams. For example, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) relies on oil exports for its wealth. Therefore, it devotes a portion of its reserves to an SWF that invests in other types of assets that can act as a shield against oil-related risk. The amount of money in these SWF is substantial. As of May 2007, the UAE's fund was worth more than $875 billion. The estimated value of all SWFs is pegged at $2.5 trillion…" Unquote.

  3. SelfGoverned

    At approx. 3:40 – Nick states that China is sourcing gold through: "the 'Sovereign Wealth Fund,' that doesn't report their transactions, to anyone…" It appears to me that not only does China already have between 10- 30 tonnes of gold (if it's even techinically, 'China's gold?') but this is nothing short of a Crown 'transfer of (visible) wealth' from the West, to the East? And my question then is, how do the PTB plan to 'pull this off…' when so many of us are already 'onto' their game?' (Like say intentionally 'building up' CHINA and the East at the expense of the West, for the next round of 'globalized consolidation' of wealth and power into the SAME HANDS, for example. This 'East vs. West' monetary dichotomy seems moreover, a 'Trojan horse' RUSE?

    Truth be known… GOLD isn't that scarce… (Unless/until used, industrially, etc.) SILVER, however, is the 'most undervalued commodity,' in world history… and at some point this will become quite OBVIOUS when the Fiat Ponzi 'Fractional Reserve Lending' scheme, implodes. Until then… people should stay out of 'paper' assets, buy precious metals… and remember the 'historic ratio' (vs. the 'fixed spot' futures price, set and artificially controlled, by the Crown) is 15:1, Silver to Gold… and 'above and below ground' silver is now quite SCARCE, unlike gold… GOLD is only RARE in the 'phony money, wealth and debt' ARTIFICIAL sense! Or if we start using it for physical 'exchanges' again? (i.e. As coinage…)

  4. Jeanette Driskell

    You didn't even mention the fact that China is the number 2 miner of gold in the world. The fact that they don't export gold should be counted too. This could put their holdings in the 8000 to 10,000 ton range.

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