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  1. Badis

    If this guy would be better on hd he would be 1st in pp for sure !!

  2. Tedward765

    That's not how DT farming works

  3. - -


  4. clem5858

    That freaking dance at the end

  5. Axenxion

    0:44 why it made big pp

  6. tippo

    0:29 me when i hit 1/6 270bpm bursts
    0:44 me when i hit 270bpm spaced 5 note bursts

  7. y9700cc

    this should be top # 10 not #31 peppy plz buff dt but delete sotarks maps

  8. [Ayusi-Ryotyi]

    Ok tf first gayz with this play now karthy with thos from the heavens tf

  9. surhtrO

    Not suppose to dt this gayz

  10. Gdibra Gdibra

    Мм. . Ооодыа)()90
    Обожаю Его скоростные реплеи. .


    I feel like he could definitely get better acc for a 700 but still absolutely insane play

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