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  1. Frank

    Thank you for this wealth of knowledge

  2. Ricardo Afonso

    Brilliant much Love and Light to both of you🙏♥️

  3. janine bandcroft

    amazing information, thank you. but what about the food the cow eats? typically it's mono cropped, gmo, full of the chemicals you're trying to eliminate. and, what right do we have to take the life of a cow – a beautiful innocent creature who only wants to live – when we don't need to? what does that abuse of power do to us spiritually?

  4. Christina

    Migraines… frankincense essential oil, cut sugar 100%. Heal leaky gut.

  5. Brian Long

    Fantastic. I am locked and loaded to further the cause. That’s gents for pushing the conversation to the max!! Encore. Bravo!!💜💎🎬

  6. matute11

    I think Zack is smart but missing the mark maybe on Vaccines and autism and Humans are Fruitarians not designed to eat Protein but broken down protein which is amino acids that are found in fruit.Plus my good Dr. Zack is missing the bodies septic tank which is the Lymphatic system. That most people have lymphatic stagnation and no moving their lymph.The root of all disease is due to one not moving their lymph. The other thing is even if they were moving it they have bad kidneys not working properly to dispose of that lymph. 99% of people are dehydrated and acidotic. Its the acids of the lymphatic fluid that causes disease and cellular demise. I could just keep typing but mans diet is wrong and babies inherit their lymphatic road map from their mother. Genetics of course is 50/50 but lymph is 100% mother. The reason one might get MS over liver failure is due to the genetically weak areas from the genes we inherit. I like listening to Zack but he is missing and possibly a limited hang out. Tell the real truth, why not acknowledge vaccines in their depop agenda? Good show but could have been even better.

  7. shungleweed

    Stop blowing my mind Zach Bush!! 🙂

  8. Cheri Bjork

    Great podcast and I agree with everything that was said, however please don't ignore the same toxins–mercury, aluminum etc. in vaccines, which are injected into our children.

    Injections skirt all protective immune pathways and, especially in tandem with Tylenol, breeze right through the blood brain barrier to lodge in the brain and create incredible harm.

    The vaccine schedule also follows the rates of illnesses as the # of vaccines skyrocketed when a 1986 law released vaccine manufacturers from all liability.

  9. Mark Archer

    57:40 When he talks about organic farming & Monsanto. Super interesting.

  10. Frank Critelli


  11. Reverse Cell

    How do one test for leaky gut??

  12. Reverse Cell

    We have an increase in vaccinations, meat consumption and probably medicine.
    We have what i believe an increase in wheat as well, and also fast food consumption.
    And probably something more..(?)

    All of these over the past 50-70 years, going steady uphill.
    So a leaky gut is not the only theory that has all the answers. Every thing here goes against big pharma and food industry though, so no wonder they dont say anything at all.

    My point is, the reason they are quiet is not necessarily because his current theory is correct.

  13. Jenn Tavarez

    30:00 – this is the dagger.

  14. Yvette Baird

    The EPA does not care. they are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. Profits before people is their motto.

  15. aMTBer

    @22:00 mindblowing
    @29:29 yes
    @33:15 this is why 100% organic is the only option these days

  16. J H

    These podcasts blow Joe Rogans out of the water

  17. J H

    This guy reminds me of Gary Null.

  18. Oana Gonzalez

    I totally agree with the information shared. It's good stuff.
    What I don't understand is why he isn't mentioning that there is blood testing available for all toxicities plaguing us, including glyphosate – blood testing for which the science is 30 years old. I had a test done in Europe – the Acumen test (in England), though there are other labs in Europe doing this kind of testing too ( there is a lab in Germany too).
    Not sure about the US – it seems stuck in the distant past in terms of testing. I lived in the US for 10 years but could not find a naturopath or a lab that does this kind of testing.
    With blood tests like Acumen you can test to see exactly how impaired your mitochondria is, which toxins block your DNA (DNA adducts) and which strands are blocked, what percentage of your cells are dying (under 9% is okay, but over 9% means your cells are highly toxic), and what toxins (metals, plastics, chemicals of all kinds) your immune system is reacting to with unusual force (meaning you had too much exposure to it and are now allergic to it). If these tests were done by naturopaths in certified labs – and you can take that test also to your conventional doctor – I think that will change our world and our way of farming (in the US the naturopath would have to also be a medical doctor – that is the only caveat. But there are plenty of naturopaths who trained also as conventional doctors).
    Not endless talk about how bad things are and how leaky our guts are..Yes, those of us who had to go through an arduous health journey know that already and are doing our best at an individual level to eat and live differently. But that is not enough.
    The problem is: how do you convince the rest of the world, including the medical world, if you don't have a blood test or any clear test to show them that our cells are toxic and are dying faster than they are supposed to?
    Naturopaths in the US: wake up! Start testing the blood. Yes, you need to be a doctor too, and find a lab to cooperate with you, a lab willing to learn how to conduct these tests. But they can learn from European labs and can be taught and instructed. That's all that's needed.
    And as an example: I did not have high glyphosate levels. My gut was not leaky (I did a stool gut permeability test). Yet I was chronically and severely ill. My toxins, as shown by the blood testing of toxicity, were coming from my teeth (mercury). I also had extremely high BPA levels. I followed specific protocols for detoxing these specific toxins and my health returned. So it's important to know exactly, from a blood test, what toxins you're dealing with. Yes, I also had some glyphosate toxicity and I'm sure it contributed to the overall disease. But dealing with leaky gut and gut health for 5 years, did not heal me. Just kept me alive.

  19. Eelke Aptroot

    Inhaling the micro biome, I'll give that a try…

  20. Popeye Gordon

    "In addition to poorly executed science, there were a lot of “facts” tossed out at the conference that left me wondering if the speakers were being intentionally dishonest, or if they were just really, really wrong. Chief among these offenders was Zach Bush, MD, who runs the M Clinic and “Intrinsic Health” center in Charlottesville, VA and sells the RESTORE line of supplements.

    Bush, who seems to have some difficulty understanding basic concepts of genetics and mathematics, informed the audience that “genetically speaking, humans are pathetically simple.” His rationale for this was that humans have 20,000 genes, while fungi have 2 trillion. I’ll admit my initial ignorance; although 2 trillion seemed high, I didn’t really know how many genes fungi have. But it wasn’t hard to look up. Gene sequencing reveals that fungal genomes are similar in size to our own, at around 10,000-25,000 genes. But what are eight orders of magnitude among friends? Actual numbers aside, Bush further argued that “if microorganisms were the enemy, we’d be dead.” Which of course, many of our species are, having been unable to overcome infections from a dazzling array of microorganisms.

    He then told us how amazing it is that the DNA repair enzyme “travels near the speed of light.” Unfortunately, this is even less true. DNA polymerases responsible for DNA repair travel along DNA strands at approximately 10-20 nucleotides per second, each of which is approximately 0.6 nanometers in length. Being as generous as I can, that comes out to 12 nanometers/second. And in that same second, a photon of light travels 300 million meters, or 25,000,000,000,000,000 times farther than the DNA repair enzyme.

    Further revealing his ignorance about genetics, Bush informed us that while “scientists call 99% of DNA ‘junk,’” that simply can’t be correct because “there’s no waste in nature.” Bush asserts that what geneticists refer to as “junk DNA” actually codes for microRNA, small strands of RNA that regulate how our genes are expressed. While microRNA does actually exist, and the roles it plays are fascinating, it makes up a relatively small percentage of our genetic code, about 1-5%.

    But then, Bush ruined what could have been an interesting talk when he said that microRNA can be transmitted by breathing. He claimed that you can literally go to the gym, do nothing except breathe in the microRNA that others exhale, and benefit because your cells think they worked out. And, in case that wasn’t enough of a stretch, he described how consuming microRNA from “bored” corn grown in a field with “tens of thousands of corn plants” makes us afraid of diversity and directly contributes to racism and mass shootings."

  21. La Kid

    Anyone know how to spell Shickaway As in pathway,

  22. La Kid

    The people who are negatively commenting on this interview are PAID!! Get it, they -Bayer – doesn't want this info out there. They are in lawsuits right now and want to cover the truth. So dont comment on
    Nay-Sayers, Its a waste of your time and feeds their agenda.

  23. T Kamp

    Im a headache specialist. I can help give your wife the answers

  24. Scott Talbot

    Fascinating interview! As someone who's is seriously considering veganism, it does confuse me a little though.. One minute we're being told that we can get all the essential proteins from vegetables, the next we are being told that the vegetables no longer contain the essential proteins, because Monsanto have removed them from the plants!?

  25. Phoenix

    This needs to be presented to Senate and obliterate these practices in USA and WORLDWIDE

  26. Ivonne Lopez

    Thank you 🙏

  27. Nikki Marquez

    i wish i could like this 1,000 times! thank you both for shining awareness on these things that need to be addressed and thoroughly understood.

  28. Sandra Watt

    Zach Bush is the healthy future he must be heard

  29. Paul Carter

    Great time capsule guys empowering for all generations thanks for sharing the journey

  30. trisha ostlund

    vaccines injure, please look into this, look into the ingredients in vaccines, just like non organic, vaccines are causing SO many injuries. Please help spread the word.

  31. Gina Hamilton

    Such a great idea for every grad to sign up to work on a farm for a Year… that would be life changing for EVERYONE! Brilliant!!!!

  32. Gina Hamilton

    Finally another strong voice in staging the platform IN WAKING EVERYONE UP IN A BIG WAY … TRUTH… we must all stand and know that this is being heard in a big way. We are so behind you and your amazing voice Zach. You are certainly a man for this time and have been inspired by TRUTH. This is HIstory in the making people! You must watch this and shout this from the rooftops. Time is running out to clean up our farmers and stop the paybacks, and the sick money greed that is going on that is literally killing the populations of the earth. We cannot survive at the rate we are going. Bio minerals Technologies is turning this toxic farming practice around in as little as 1-2 years!!! Not 15-20. WE are cleaning up the soils and farmers are starting to be totally organic. Hope is on the horizon. Make everyone accountable. Buy Organic. Ban any GMO and non Organic foods. Grow a garden. No pesticides. Just DO IT. #glyphosate #killingfields #realfood #microbiome #organic. #breathe #getoutside #fermentations #seekferns

  33. trisha ostlund

    Thank you, much love. Peace health and happiness May we all be glowy and flowy. Dissolve big pharma/food dissolve toxins. Organic and free. Sustainable and renewable.

  34. DRK0114

    he's a great, knowledgeable doctor. It would just break my heart to find out that he was vegan. I really hope he isn't – he would lose so much credibility

  35. Britt Gordon

    So phenomenal. Thank you Rich Roll and Zach Bush for bringing light, information and truth to what may be one of the most important and consequential topics of our time, and the history of mankind. Amazing to hear how everything is more connected than we even know, and therefore how important each person's decisions and choices are. Time for a revolution. You both rock. Thank you.

  36. Cassie Jackson

    Can we say HOLY ** on a comment? LOL! amazing! I found this post with Zack Bush based on mention by our beloved Dan Macdonald, but what Zack Bush did was just give huge amounts of scientific backing to what I hear on so many you tubes and podcasts. My daughter just recently at age 21 has been diagnosed with traits of Autisim without a fuill diganosis of the same, and Zack's talk makes total sense of this and guess what….she was born in 1998….. right around the times of change Zack refers to, Thank you so much for this post. Will be forwarding to my family. God Bless you

  37. Bob LeGlob

    The fact that he has something to sell doesn't invalidate the info. Don't buy his stuff if you feel that strongly about it. This kind of thing isn't going to change through government intervention or shaming Monsanto into not producing unsafe products. It starts with guys like Rich and entrepreneurs like the guy he's interviewing.

  38. Ilzite K

    I enjoyed this talk. I am sick of this sterile environment of our controlled and brainwashed culture. This is like breath of fresh air.

  39. Emily P

    54:00 💯 % agree with this self identity crisis. Thank you. Love Zach Bush. Just started restore. Everything relies on conciousness

  40. Peter Theis

    I like and agree with many of the things Zach Bush says. But… there also seems to be some aspects of him that really cause me to pause. The product he sells — "Restore" — seems to have only been subjected to one 2015 study conducted by John J Gildea, David A Roberts, and Zachary Bush, and published in the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences.


    To me it seems kind of suspect, and even unethical, to go about selling a product based on only 1 study.

    If someone could respond to this with some sound reasoning and good evidence, I would appreciate it.

  41. ComingOutHisCave_Man

    Did he just say israel has done the best job of building the best military in the world? I think you mean israel has done the best job at suckering the united states into fighting their wars. He completely lost me with that comment and he is at the red pill expo in 2019.
    Hopefully he gets more informed there if he hasnt already since this was published in 2018.
    Not to mention there are loads of videos of them shooting unarmed protestors. Then they shoot pregnant women oh wait what's their saying two birds one stone with a image of a pregnant Palestinian. They shot kids, its insane he just said that and now i question him and his credibility. Maybe stick to health care and leave the geopolitics to people who know what they are talking about. Israeli zionist are a part of the reason we have our debt and even though they have no debt we still give them about a billion dollars a year with money we have to loan and pay interest on…. dont forget the presidents and congress before that warned of the threat of zionism. You can even look up the armys report about israel when they wanted to use US troops as a buffer zone from them and palestinians. The report says very blatantly that Israel would most likely kill US troops and blame it on palestine. They called them ruthless and they can't be trusted. That was right before 9/11.
    Prove me wrong.

  42. ComingOutHisCave_Man

    Most "weeds" are medicine. Who gave medicinal plants the title of weeds and why? That is an interesting thought.

  43. Be_content

    Bayer to pay $2B in latest Roundup case

    A Northern California jury has ordered Bayer (OTCPK:BAYRY) to pay more than $2B to a

    couple who say they were diagnosed with cancer after using the company’s glyphosatebased

    weedkiller Roundup.

    Bayer said it was disappointed with the jury’s decision and planned to appeal, adding that it

    "conflicts directly" with the EPA's finding that there are "no risks to public health from the

    current registered uses of glyphosate."
    It's the third lawsuit the company has lost related to Roundup, an herbicide produced by
    Monsanto, which Bayer acquired last year for $63B.

    Bayer shares are down 5.8% in Frankfurt on the news.

  44. Dennis Feeney

    This is very fascinating and I agree with a lot of it but one glaring error I heard was that cow farts (actually belching) are the #1 source of green house gases in North America… This is definitely not true, Agriculture is the source for about 9% of the green house gases in the US according to the EPA. Still a great idea to reduce cow methane generation though 🙂

  45. Be_content

    I wonder what Zach thinks of this information regarding sulfur use in the body?

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