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  1. Joel Trazo


  2. Noble Six


  3. Onnbhai Gandhi

    This bastard China need to be taught lesson once and for all

  4. man with no name

    Just nuke little dick China.

  5. Richard White

    Vote Trump !!

  6. trung hiếu lê

    China get out

  7. Israel Moreno

    The Grand Dragon 🐉 of The East
    Xi-JimPing will have Hong Kong 🇭🇰
    The Grand Dragon 🐉 of The East
    Xi-JimPing will take Taiwan 🇹🇼
    The Grand Dragon 🐉 of The East
    Xi-JimPing will unleash Dragons 🐉
    Breath in the South China 🇨🇳 Sea
    Upon all who appose the might of
    The Grand Dragon 🐉 Xi-JimPing !

  8. Kuswanto Lim

    The money on south china sea are so large, IMO the conflict can only be solved by force. Scary…

    Edit: Damn… there are so many comment about the lack of military from VN compared to CN, they dont realized there wont be a head to head war between VN and CN. It would be a combined forced of ASEAN, US, Europe vs CN and maybe Russia. Nice…. World War 3 would be triggered by South China Sea.

  9. stanley Tin

    In China's eyes, Vietnam is not a potential enemy at all, but Vietnam thinks China is their enemy.China is not even interested in pestering Vietnam,just tell us how Vietnam can fight against China?How?What the Vietnamese government has done is just to show its own people. The government knows how many capabilities they have.

  10. KL CHAI

    USA will never win China in any form of war, history told us that, which include the current trade war, you people are too naive and know nothing about Chinese, 5000 years of history and culture is not what you guys easily think about, When Chinese lived in palace, wore silk clothing, used all kind of unique porcelain wares, you guys were still roamed about in the jungle without clothing on, USA technologically is well developed, but unfortunately, culture, humanization wise still under developing like any backward country.

  11. KL CHAI

    USA is just a dying paper tiger, the main threat of human being for the pass century, but people is going to say bye to it and go toward China, China is the real savior of the world and human being.

  12. Rolly Son

    VN got not things to fight against China. VN just hope China doesn’t think VN as China enemies.

  13. My Nguyen

    China communist so greedy and big mouth like idiots .

  14. Jorge Biboso

    China must be taught a lesson! That 9 dash line claim is full of bullshit! The world should defend the South China Sea!

  15. felix mendez

    U.S. Military News….wait, this rings a bell, a mass murdering bell…Isn't this the same U.S,. Military that perpetrated the greatest genocide in modern times after those of the Nazi regime, killing 4 to 5 millions civilians in Indochina, Cambodian, Laotian and wait for it…Vietnamese! And now they care for their rights in the sea…? Yeah right. If they cared so much about Vietnam they should start by

    à) Asking for forgiveness to he countries and the families of the 5 million they murdered.
    b) Paying compensations of hundreds of billions if not trillions to the countries they destroyed. c) Cleaning up all the military crap they left, unexploded bombs that are still killing civilians in those countries.
    d) cleaning up all the posion they left on the ground which killed their forests and lakes, specially napalm, Agent Orange, white phosphorus.

    And these are the buttholes talking about "Chinese agression against Vietnam…?"

  16. ringleader61

    The thing about all these "protest" is the China really doesn't care. Since their is no major navy force their to challenge them, they are just going to keep bulling the other countries.

  17. rollyserafin

    Fuck that 9 dash lie fuck chinese

  18. Veruk

    Just sink a few of China's ships…let them know invading other nations territory is an act of war.

  19. Friend Chicken

    China is like the entitled country that everyone doesn't like

  20. Rowen CALMA

    9 dash line China very good enough to explore or find the 200 billion barrel of oil in the South Pacific Sea.
    If Almighty GOD permit you'll find oil. But Greediness?

  21. tess ninora

    China is so greed where can you 9_ line ha ha only china if do a wrong move it is its own fall

  22. Balo Obi

    I things I notice ..every one jelouse of Chinese rising

  23. Balo Obi

    I things I notice ..every one jelouse of Chinese rising

  24. Jhn Ptrck Dls Snts

    Don't forget the western country is a greedy nation wargonger.

  25. Gary McAleer

    If the Chinese communist leaders were a noble people there would no signs of aggression. But they are not! Their ancients were far wiser than today's generations. Ever since that first-degree murderer and butcher, Mao took the helm killing in cold blood 45,000,000 of their own people the once great and noble Chinese have turned to the devil himself, while in their belligerence deny Satan's existence. Today, they are liars, thieves and murderers, sinning against every Commandment of GOD. I deal with the wicked spirit of arrogant belligerence every day. And this class of men never back down. Their own power is their god that always betrays every noble virtue.

  26. rhuben piokid

    china isa not the problem why? b cuz communist party of china is the real enemy of the world

  27. Vicente Cruz

    This hypocrite nation is not different with China in claiming islands in South China Sea look at what they claim at the group island inside the eez of the Philippines which way far from their nearest land….that's the reason why they cannot file a complaint against China in International Court like the Philippines!

  28. jak andres

    China must be stop to occupy all d territorial/island sea that they claim.. u.n. must be action about this important matters….

  29. James Tan

    China has gone rogue.

  30. pathwayto enlightenment

    People need to remember that the Chinese government has ten times more people to feed than Vietnam has….Something is going to give ..

  31. Mc

    Hopefully other asian countries will destory this stupid chinese greed mofos. russia wont help couz russia will be destroy on western part if war will provoke

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