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  1. Ashok Daftary

    The recent negative report in the WSJ about Google Health is much ado about nothing. I am an internist using an electronic health record that is touted as being the gold standard. It is as expensive as gold but hardly a standard worth advertising. The imperfections of the current health records are legion. The brouhaha is a small screen.Insurers and other individuals with no interest in health care other than profit are allowed literally unfettered access to our notes and their preauthorization prompts force us often to disclose information lest a sick patient be denied care or medications. The noise we hear is a smoke screen that allows inefficient software to impair the ability of many physicians to deliver care. The EHR manufacturers took the feds for $30 billion and now want to stifle competition. As an individual my patients and I would welcome Google to help me practice more efficiently. Google may have the key that will once again open the Joys of Medicine to its practitioners

  2. M Pan

    Stop using peoples medical records without their consent, criminals. BREAK UP GOOGLE

  3. Nimr Al Nimri

    Alright, this is actually really promising and makes me hopeful as someone considering pre-med as this is one of the most vital issues clinics deal with!

  4. Hasan Pitol

    Help me with Google internships, please!

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  7. midoctor

    Oh Google.. Certainly not a 21st century solution. Please try not to release this, call me anytime https://www.mayoclinicproceedings.org/article/S0025-6196(19)30836-5/fulltext

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  9. Yesenia Perez


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