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  1. Thant Zin


  2. Alejandro Capell

    1:43 "We are going to do it in the best way possible" … "That's why we were hiding it from you. Until you guys caught us and now here is a marketing campaign to make it cool" sigh … I think it's a fantastic project Google, but being upfront had to come first

  3. cow moo

    make goggle toons and good design character

  4. StarZ thanowave

    Kinda want it to be on Google home

  5. midoctor


  6. TwstedTV

    If I ever find any of my medical records on ANY googles platform. I will start a lawsuit starting at $100-Billion dollars.
    I would sue Google including each and every individual employee involved, Ascension and/or any company involved including USA Health Department,
    Each individual Hospital that has my records and any other agency involved.
    Each of them would be sued for $100-Billion dollars individually. – My health records are MY HEALTH Records, NOT the public.
    I DO NOT give ANY permission to anyone to obtain ANY access of ANY of my health records for ANY reason.

  7. Taylor Curtis Braz

    Always after these mass shootings occur, it always takes them weeks to find out who the real owner(s) of the guns were.  That's because the gun ownership records at the ATF are still on paper and ATF staff has to look through hundreds to boxes of gun records before they finally find the real owner of the gun that was used in the mass shooting.  But you didn't want to believe me when I said that Google needs to be automatically creating databases from images of old census records.

  8. Eric Kaithula

    Obtaining user consent would build trust. The intent sounds good but not giving the individual user the right to choose how their medical information is used is not ethical.

  9. M Pan

    Stop using peoples medical records without their consent, you criminals. BREAK UP GOOGLE.

  10. Sanket Patil

    Out of all the companies out there, I think Google is the one making it the farthest from when it started. From being a simple search engine to turning into something we cannot live without!

    Keep it up Google.! 🍺

  11. Aaron Barragan


  12. SKK

    Next thrive to way we think

  13. المخلص فقط JESUS


  14. Azmol Hossain

    Google Health, more like here's more data about you to our investor. We now know about your STD.

  15. T.Watcher

    Just a part of Googles's plan to take over the world… (If they havent yet)

  16. Narad Kalikotay


  17. Joma Saca

    Four comment

  18. Thomas Nuffer


  19. nich tompkins


  20. Yesenia Perez


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