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  1. Thom Hartmann Program

    🔥 WATCH NEXT Nikki Haley is Unaware of How Health Care Works in the US – https://youtu.be/OSP6mryJmKw

  2. rich k

    Take no shit thom

  3. MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster

    Then I guess I'll send the balance of last year's ER visit to you then Thom. Thanks for taking care of it. People over profit right?

  4. Frank Sears

    Thom, everything you said is true. I just don’t know what this guy is talking about

  5. Ummu Hajar

    They never have an alternative. That’s the problem.

  6. Braddon Schulze

    The Dr is apart of a club the rest of us aren't allowed to join

  7. Dan Bushnell

    I've been going to the v.a. since 1979 and I've gotten good healthcare without having to w8 for it. The v.a. does this without paying a bloated compensation package to it's management.

  8. Bundle of Perceptions

    Barbour is a con-artist. I question if this moron is capable of becoming an M.D. I'll bet his degree is phony, and the same goes for the other two on his team, including Tony Human (that's his name), but he looks mostly subhuman.

  9. Ant Squirly

    A thought; with universal health care, we won't need the medical aspects of the VA or for state side military. – We won't need to negotiate health care in union contracts. Health insurance won't be an added deduction on a pay check. We simply pay into medicare, that's how we keep it running.

  10. no pe

    this guy is just another greedy prick

  11. felicetanka

    France, Spain,Italy, Germany have a better system we might want to imitate.

  12. Tyal Prince

    “I can’t get commissions from big pharma by forcing opioids & unnecessary care onto patients”

  13. Jones Factor

    Medicare is the best run plan right now, expanding it to everyone and having taxes fund it is the only solution. For profit means maintaining not making people healthy. Healthy people aren’t good for profits

    More lies about wait times and people coming here for care.

  14. Jones Factor

    The system is already profits over people. Thanks to Nixon and for profit republicans

  15. Wayne Plaisted

    For profit anything is bad for anyone who is working class or poor. You can't trust these people to do the right things. That's why we need regulations their greed over powers their lack of morals

  16. Progressive Vet

    This guy has drank the koolaid. I’m a veteran utilizing the VA healthcare system and I receive outstanding care. A heart attack and two cancers have been taken care of. Everything except dental is taken care of at no cost to me . I get appointments in a timely fashion, even same day. The bottom line is that healthcare for me is completely stress free. Compare that to folks on private insurance where the first thing they have to think about when they have a health issue is ‘will my insurance cover this?’ And can I afford the copays and deductibles. Often times the answer is no, resulting in people not going to the doctor when they should. We keep this system in place just to enrich the for-profit insurance companies. It’s time for Senator Sanders ‘Medicare for ALL’!

  17. robert forsythe

    This Doctor has the same mind set as Trump.

  18. robert forsythe

    Make the Current elected officials use Medicaid. Start putting political figures in jail for theft and graft. Money and medicine do not mix. Money and politics do not mix. Soon the Greediest in the land will get what they deserve. It will not be more money and profit.

  19. Anti Hypocrite

    That Doctor is a con artist just putting lip stick on a pig .

  20. Gene Bojarski

    This is a crock. My Medicare is wonderful.

  21. Craig Flowers


  22. Hellhound k

    insurance companies are not the primary problem, the primary problem is the doctors and the pharmaceuticals. pharma wants to sell as much as their product possible and if someone is paying for it then why not charge as much as they can. on the other hand doctors are get kick backs from these big pharma for prescribing their drugs in bulk amounts. my own parents are on medicare and they receive shit load of pills every week but they only take 20% of those pills. now you scale that to the whole nation. and obviously those insurance companies must charge high fees to cover their cost. and thats the cycle of health care.

  23. Living with Optimus

    Holy shit dude, now that is the type of reporting, questioning and follow up questioning we need to see. Good on you, that was great!

  24. GBailey

    Nice Thom you tore this guy apart!

  25. Y Not

    🤔Big medical industries and pharmaceutical companies are perhaps the world's most powerful legalized Kingpins.☻🤒🤔😒🍿😉👌

  26. Dennis Young

    This is sounding like a rip-off scam… I can hear some real Ayn Rand stuff in his speech – some libertarian talk, too.

    Too much government intrusion – "they keep us from preying as we will."

  27. Donald H Lebert

    What this Doctor and others like him are afraid of is that after we clean up the insurance scam that is a big mess we will then turn our eyes toward the Medical Profession too. Point Being they have an equal amount of scamming us the customer as they obfuscate the truth of what they are providing, as in there is NO way to pin them down on prices. NO I don't mean a price that just gives a quote of a normal procedure such as taking out an appendix or such without any emergency procedures that are unforeseeable they won't give you a quote on anything. Hell when I ask for a quote on meds, or machines, or surgeries or anything I am told the same thing we can't tell you until after we have provided the service then upon billing you we then can tell you, this for something simple as a prescription or a oxygen concentrator to a medical procedure. WTF!!! Just Saying

  28. Ron Harris

    Other countries have a "we" mentality, in provision of services for their ctizrns. Where as America has an "us & them" mentality, in providing services. Because of a non inclusive philosophy.

  29. MrMusiclover41

    Sounds like this Dr. Barbour is a typical republican politician. What a jerk! He shouldn't be practicing medicine.

  30. Ken Sol

    Didn't take long for the tired old right wing talking points to get trotted out. These clowns aren't fooling anyone who's informed any more. They sure are frustrating to listen to though…

  31. snipervictim

    I love when Tom pulls out the knife and cuts a mofo this man is selling snake oil and he knows it .

  32. First Last

    Thom, yes, it's a word cloud. He wants us to thank him for taking the financial middle man out. That doesn't help the patient. And, "Hey listen!"??"
    "It's better here than anywhere else." That's all he has.
    "Socialized medicine is only getting meds and nobody gets any care." He's confusing that with a for-profit system.
    So in summary, he's full of crap. Well done, Thom.

  33. PetGoneBad

    The VA works fine except Republicans have refused to fund it. Their plan is to de-fund a program then when people take shortcuts and things start to break down they say "see we told ya it doesn't work".

  34. Cara Crabtree

    What about people who can't afford the high insurance costs, or if insurance companies aren't going to cover you if you get cancer if it's not profitable for them.

  35. Michael Pondo

    We know that the tepubliturds hate poor people and despise. Obama care. They don t give a f. K about healthcate. Its all about profit and just like trumps corrupt life he makes deals that benefit him and his criminal family. F. K the repubs. And all their supporters. Never again will we vite for the republiturds.

  36. Michael Pondo

    Gteat im goin to the christian ministries tomorrow. Yu want to go jon.

  37. ironbalance

    This was debate was awesome. Keep calling them out Hartmann.

  38. jo pac

    Sadly obombers grand bargin would heve done this to Amerikas citizens. repugs hated him so much we didn't get that. We inside got his the let save wall street/health care and F*^%# the citizens.

  39. Elijah James

    Doctor Canadians are very proud of our universal health care and Tommy Douglas who implies Ted universal health care is considered a national hero. I do not know a single Canadian who has lost their home to pay for health care. Socialized medical is infinitely cheeper than insurance medical.

  40. Herb Liptow

    First republicans under fund a government program then they say see it doesn’t work! They’ve been doing this for 39 years! Private doesn’t work any better than the government unless you’re part of the rich elite.

  41. V G

    Well, this doctor would not care if you die because you can't afford to pay. He just wants more money straight from patients who can pay and less control from insurance companies and Medicare (government). In general, his idea is – more money and less responsibility. How innovative! Lol.

  42. 007 James

    They are letting people die because of no health insurance !
    The Devil work in progress !
    skyrocketed insurance premiums An deductibles An Skyrocketed medications Bill's an Skyrocketed health care Price's !
    Greedy Gluttonous Americans bastard's !
    While the doctors and hospitals and clinics Robb Medicare on Fraud an scheme's ! overcharging and Fraud !

  43. 007 James

    Robber barons health care system racket for the Greedy Gluttonous bastard's to make billions in profits !
    They are doing the Devil work !
    The ten deadly Sin's
    an Greed is #1 in Mystery Babylon America habitats of devil's !

  44. Blue Dot Wave

    Medicare is broke because the Politicians keep stealing from it.

  45. 0 1

    Dr. Schmuck with all the typical talking points. Straight up rich liar.

  46. PardonMe ImDrunk

    The VA does a lot for the military, IF they seek it. My brother gets more than just meds. They've even paid for his drug rehabilitation (more than once) What is this Dr talking about? Here in my border town in Texas, yeah, a shit load of people go to Mexico for dental treatment and medicine. It's quite common. Sure, some people come to the US for treatment but that's usually because they have the money. I mean, if you're already spending on traveling cost, on top of the thousands or hundreds of thousands for treatment, you fine. For the rest of us, crossing to Mexico is a more viable option than trying to work with the mobsters we call health insurance.

  47. Boringo PR

    Scott Barbour your system works for you not for me or a whooooole bunch of Americans go away you profiteering 🐖 pig and I'm a veteran and you are a lier the veteran hospital runs just fine I have a lot to thank them for how I've been treated

  48. Allen Gigika

    Just a reminder warren waffles on Medicare for all single payer, and she always uses taking points like “lowest costs”

  49. HarryArms88

    What's cheaper, paying for employees healthcare or paying higher taxes so that your employees have free healthcare?🤔

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