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  1. 我胜

    Ez? Why not cup noodles? It’s easier.

  2. Elba Lopez

    Looks so delicious!!!

  3. Dsimic


  4. nounou chan

    How thin did he roll the dow out approx. I tried to make it but I think I made the dow to thick?

  5. Esme Spring


  6. Moina Shaikh

    Osam yum 😋😋really nice

  7. Onyx287

    Why is it important for dough to rest or rise

  8. Seva Khasanova


  9. Sanzida akter mukta Sanzida akter mukta

    Really.. So nice… Recipe.. 👍

  10. Hannibal Lecter

    What it means 2 cup flour? 100 gr 200 gr???

  11. وصفاتي My recipes


  12. Olegs Verse

    wow thank you for sharing this!

  13. Mixture Videos Aliya

    Don't watch This https://youtu.be/PsPky5xy8hk


    Hemm…. Yummy….. 😋😋😋👍👍

  15. Mr M

    Thank you

  16. Alejandra Mendez

    I haven’t seen anyone use glass stove top cook wear in a long time!

  17. Таня Абрамович


  18. moonstar

    bruh this ain’t even chinese

  19. Archit Agrawal

    Easy? 😑😑😑😑😑

  20. Yanina Balabaeva

    залипательно🤗быстро и замечательно)

  21. GLENN Speirs

    It was going well until then this is confusion cooking not fusion

  22. Taslima nipa

    I think it’s really so yummy for eat. 😋😋 By the way It's looking so beautiful.

  23. leilani ingente

    haha i love this guy.. he made his own food…thanks for sharing..

  24. Mykid me

    This is yummy homemade noodles and veggies the chicken hhmm chees

  25. Sia Sharma

    Well done

  26. Alexey Iyunskiy

    Мммм, вкусняшки 🤤

  27. yeu nhac viet

    I am so impressed with this technique … and it looks so easy that I can t wait to try it. Thank you for sharing.

  28. cucu cucu ku go ok

    Heem pingin nyoba
    Baru tuh mie n ayam geprek asli

  29. Russel Raagas

    Why am I starving myself 3 o’clock in the morning.

  30. Taha Mehnaaz

    This dish looks heaven

  31. Taha Mehnaaz

    In our cuisine we make home made flatbreads every single day ehich requires kneading dough. We do it in open deep bowl . I simply dislike the way they knead the dough on countertops

  32. Aatika Aamir

    Your cooking pot is awesome pls tell me wher edid you bought it from???

  33. C Chester

    Awesome to watch, and looks tasty too. 😍😍 Subscribed.

  34. stateofgrace __

    Uhhhh I peel carrots towards me not away from…. have I really been doing it wrong all my peeling carrot life???! 🥴

  35. Marcela Power


  36. Екатерина Петрикеева

    Базару ноль ))

  37. nana coach


  38. Akansha Mazumdar


  39. Clarice Leme


  40. dave dv

    I doubt the pasta is fake or real😂

  41. Doll Bacha

    You r best



  43. Transformation Body

    Not easy at all. You think it is easy because you know how to make.

  44. This Girl Rocks

    That would be a perfect pizza crust.

  45. 孫暁蕾


  46. Angy 25

    Ciao sei bravissimo ❤

  47. Darien Andrew

    Damn 🔥

  48. R H


  49. PureSnow

    I'm hungry 🙁

  50. Sum Gumption

    Less chicken and more noodles, please. This is awesome! 🙏

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