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  1. Rob & Jenny

    We thought the Great Wall of China would be overhyped and not live up to our expectations, but it really did! It was amazing, and one of those places that is absolutely a must for everyone!
    Do you guys have any other experiences which exceeded your expectations?

  2. Aristóteles Brandão Filho

    I would like to know how you got back…
    Did you have any problems with paying in cash in China ?
    Did you use wechat to pay?

  3. Lord of king

    This Mutianyu is much better than other places, It is almost empty, seems like the wall is your private place 😃👍

  4. Issac

    you guys should have taken the train instead. it is much more fun and has a much better view

  5. Issac

    depends on the day of the week too

  6. nasir ahmed

    Amazing Blog guys, love it, I was here, exact same place with my partner few weeks ago. but it was very busy in the morning.It really is a Beautiful place to visit. Thanks again both of you.

  7. Tuo Jiang

    have a nice trip in China

  8. Ben TheKeeshond

    Why are all the Great Wall videos from Peking? That is not the ancient Great Wall and does not have as many historic significances. I have a few friends who are archeologists who worked at the Han Great Wall many years ago. A large % of this ancient wall is located in a desert and it is in a straight line. Except that it is not quite a beautiful landscape. However, they mentioned atop a ruined watch-tower, one can see and feel the intensity of guarding an endless wall against a possible invasion of nomadic horsemen. At some selected sites mentioned from history texts, they excavated and found blood-stained arrow tips and other evidence of an enormous military confrontation. Just like the history books said, It is very hot in the summer but bitterly cold during winter. Genuine Han Chinese history and folk tales came from this ancient structure. Not to mention, unfortunately, many deadly battles occurred in the past 2000 years.

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  10. Elijah Hua

    在迪卡侬买的包嘛! I have the same bag!

  11. 照明

    居然是东直门站 我经常做916这班车。。。

  12. 李超


  13. 曾挚摆没珍

    You should download an app like “bus timing” 北京公交, then you will know when the bus is coming

  14. Taka Hiko

    Fantastic! Are you living in China?

  15. N G

    Entertaining video. Great one guys. Love u ❤️

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  17. Himanshu Sharma

    Nice video 👍
    Of all China visit videos

  18. 高骞

    What an amazing day!

  19. wofululuxiu li

    Coz there's actually few different side of the great wall in beijing(its huge),looks like you guys went to the another side which isn"t the popular one, i guess thatz why no one's there, otherwise its always crowd as hell

  20. fang fang

    Welcome to China, will you come to Shanghai later?

  21. Leo Zhuang

    Comparing with the UK, what do you guys find the most intriguing/enjoyable here in China? I've been to the UK a few times and I absolutely like the tranquility and the nice environment there!! By the way, have you guys been to the USA?? that's where I'm normally at!!

  22. OK Observer勇敢的观察者

    we went to the mutianyu section in 2010. i don't recall cable lift at that time. yes, this is a lot better than badaling. much fewer tourists. BTW, did you get small some broken bricks as souvenirs?? i don't know if it was against the law or not. but my brother-in-law took quite a few small broken bricks and gave me one as a souvenir and i still have it.

  23. Lili Wen

    Welcome to China have a wonderful journey

  24. linoox lee

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