Greatest Love Songs Of All Time – Love Songs Greatest Hits Playlist – Most Beautiful Love Songs

The greatest love song of all time – the greatest song playlist of love songs – the most beautiful love songs of the most beautiful love songs – the greatest songs of love songs…

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  1. Music Box

    Greatest Singer Filipino 2018

  2. Jan Muhammad khan

    viry sad song ilaik it 00971557640132

  3. Frans

    i miss my pussy so much

  4. Syria Syria

    It's just 11 minutes! 🤔

  5. Lalsiampuii Khalthang


  6. Saiiill Faizaq

    Don't believe anyone,cuz
    Even our shadow will leave us so there is no light

  7. Tim

    Greatest of all time. I call BS , never ever heard the first song. It sucks too ! Most songs I know are better.

  8. tim jones

    Music sucks

  9. yamahonkawazuki

    i subbed for this. thankyou for posting

  10. Benjamin Jerew

    Worst covers ever.

  11. Mr. Pacunz Tv.

    Nice songs po..ok na po..salamt

  12. Blake Bloom

    i fucked my gf to this playlist<3

  13. dhira

    Epic Noodle Cake!!!!

  14. Orsonandrei Ortiz

    best of the best!

  15. Music Español - Live Better Media

    Yall did Leona dirty with that bleeding love version, my ears were bleeding and no from love

  16. Mike H.

    I love thes music and movie ❤️

  17. Tyedo Gaming

    Am I the only one who turned this on because it had Bell and Edward on it like if you did to

  18. Harini Anand

    A beautiful collection! Can anyone tell me who sang this version of "Can't Help Falling In Love"?

  19. 5305kmg

    great list but some suggestions. It's your love. At last. Crazy for you. Endless Love. I'd Die for this dance. Then. She's everything. Stand by me. Amazed. Just say you'll love me. Every thing I do I do It for you.

  20. Denise Leon

    I love this. Thank You

  21. Zoe Archer

    I see twilight I click 😂

  22. lenz Marlyn

    Its 12:45am ph time
    I dont know y my tears rushin down while listening to these songs😭😭😭

  23. lenz Marlyn

    Its 12:45am ph time
    I dont know y my tears rushin down while listening to these songs😭😭😭

  24. Love Romantic

    Who's looking for love and can't find it. ..pls like….j…praying for you all to find that someone …special who cares. ….and loves….

  25. Anonymous

  26. Poods not poops

    I just click here to find Love of my life

  27. gamer gamer

    Plz tell me iam not only one not loved a girl and iam at 18 😶

  28. Simon Kifle

    I am not perfect understand English language but I love theis music 😍😍

  29. rohit kumar

    Nyc collection

  30. emchielele :D

    The Beatles – Something

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